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Did you just got promoted, and want to share your joy with your friends, family and colleagues? Or do you want to throw a surprise birthday, or anniversary party for someone close to you? If your answer is yes in all these cases, you must plan and prepare beforehand so that you don’t have to go through a lot of hassles after the party gets over. Thought about the after-party cleaning up is a major reason for your worries, that don’t allow most of us to enjoy the party properly as much as the guests do. The following list can help you out in this regard and you can, too, have a blast along with all your guests.

10 Awesome Tips for Arranging House Parties

Start early. Make plans for the overall size of your guest list. Prepare an event calendar so that you can keep abreast with the schedule and things to do. Chalk out a guest list. Send them the invites well in advance so that if someone has some other plans they can let you know.
  1. Proper planning about the menu is necessary as is choosing the perfect place to accommodate your guests. The place you choose shouldn’t be either over the top or too small. The food menu must include the items according to the guests’ preference. Making proper provisions for everyone in regards to foods and beverages according to need is a must.
  2. Make a list of all the gifts that you want to distribute. Pack them in brown paper shopping bags to facilitate easy-carrying of these items.
  3. Always have provisions for other party essentials like rented chairs, tables and other decorations. Arrange for decorative lighting and plan for the music you intend to play.
  4. If you plan for providing snacks before you move on to the main course, have your snacks packed in brown paper lunch bags. This will make it easy for you clean and organize the leftovers, as they help in reducing the spillage. It will also avoid crowding the food counter. You can even have some snacks packed for someone who missed out on coming to the party.
  5. Double check all the platters and chinaware/ silverware that you plan to use for serving foods for stains and dirt. If you are not using your own stuffs and have these items on rent, always double-check them for water spots and broken edges. Get them replaced immediately.
  6. Check the toiletries supplies. This includes hand wash, tissue paper, sanitizer, etc. This will make sure that there are no glum faces over the simple issues of sanitation.
  7. Make a schedule for cooking. If some of the items needs to frozen, you should do it a day before the event. Stock the bar according to the tastes of the people in your guest list.
  8. Organize the room where you are having the party. Set up all the tables and chairs. Make sure that there is enough space for people to walk or have interactions. Check the music system so that it has a proper playlist.
  9. Now that you have worked so hard, you can actually enjoy the party without having any kind of niggling thoughts.

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