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Paper Bags, developed in 1852 have been of great use during all these years. Used for carrying things around for ease and convenience, these bags have gone through a lot of changes since they came to existence. Not just perfect for putting away shopping buys, they can likewise be utilized for different purposes as well! For example, you can utilize these sorts of sacks to bundle or wrap presents. From being really basic to trendy and fashionable, these bags carry the pride of being eco-friendly. With the growing age of technology, environment have been a great concern for the world and people nowadays are becoming more and more environmental-friendly and this leads to the encouragement of using less of plastic bags.

Brown Paper Bags

Different styles, colours, shapes and designs of Paper Bags with Handle are some things we come across nowadays. These are the results of changing demand of the people.

Few facts about these bags go as follow:

  1. It is conceivable to utilize one to load with waste to make compost.
  1. Unlike plastic bags, these bags are pet-friendly and safe for animals for they are more averse to stifle or get caught in the handles.
  1. 3 cubic yards of landfill space is saved if 1 ton of bags are recycled.
  1. While a pack takes a normal of one month to deteriorate, it can take a plastic sack anyplace in the vicinity of 5 and 10 years.
  1. Around 14 grocery items can be held in a standard bag, whereas a plastic bag can only hold around 10.
  1. Plastic bags are recycled only 1% whereas Paper Bags are recycled 20% more than a standard poly bag.
  1. At the point when paper packs were first made, their size was measured by the amount of bags of sugar they could hold.
  1. Paper Bags require less energy for their production as compared to plastic bags which results in reduced greenhouse gasses.
  1. 4 percent of paper utilized as a part of the UK was recouped for reusing.
  1. 2000 Paper Bags weigh around 280 pounds.

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