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Marriage doesn't mean that a couple is into a vow always. There are secrets. And few secrets could bring an end to a marriage. A secret affair when comes in the knowledge of one of the partners could cost him or her whopping amount. But that's a part of it when the other partner was faithful. Instances could be both are in a secret affair and when they come to know things could be mutually settled. Not every married person having an extramarital affair is that lucky.

An extramarital affair can be a relationship with his or her girlfriend or boyfriend from the past. It can be because of an unsuccessful marriage when one looses interest or trust. It can be due to sexual dysfunction or physical disorder. Last but not the least it depends up on the character of the person as well. Hence an extramarital affair could be only-lust, emotional, revenge, imaginary or body and soul.

10 Ways You Can Be Looted If in an Extramarital Affair

According to researchers 60% of men and 40% of women are in extramarital affairs. On the other hand it's a fact that the average affair costs the cheating party more, lasts about six months and begins about two years after wedding bells have pealed. Out of 60% of men, 57% become victims where they have spend abundantly and now confined with paying off bills and lawyer fees. So before you think of an extramarital affair run down the list below on how you can be looted knowingly or unknowingly.

Shopping expenses multiplies

If it is an emotional or body and soul extramarital affair you are in big trouble then. You are likely to spend on shopping and walk down the street with brown paper shopping bags of apparels, jewelleries, shoes, cosmetics and so on for the woman you are in a secret affair and wife as well. If it's only lust or revenge you can avoid spending on shopping items but that too not going to save you from paying off a hefty alimony when it comes in the knowledge of your partner. 

Expensive gifts

Only few men have the ability to present luxurious gifts like precious jewellery set, designer apparels and accessories, wrist watches, Victoria Secrets under wears and so on to wife as well as the woman with whom in extramarital affair. One may find it difficult to manage both ends and who so ever tries to do it beyond his income or lifestyle is going to put himself in the line of fire. At the end of the day when you are lavishly spending on the woman with whom you are having an emotional or body and soul extramarital affair on every occasion, you end up presenting a small brown paper bag of dirt-cheap gift item to your wife once in a blue moon.   

Spending on assets

Often times you get too emotionally attached to a woman with whom you are in an extra marital affair and you end up spending on assets like paying off house rent or even buying two wheelers, cars or apartment. That's surely going to put you into trouble unless you have an unaccounted income.

Unaccounted travel expenses

There is a chance of unaccounted travel expenses if you are on a secret vacation with the woman. Flight tickets, hotel expenses, food expenses and expenses of activities can be hefty. On the other hand, you also need to plan a holiday with your wife and children and then arises the financial crunch.

Phone Bills

Sometimes you need to take care of the phone bills of both the women in your life if you are thinking of sailing on two boats. That's an extra burden anyhow for any middle class or low salaried man.

Medical expenses

Till now you had family medical benefit but when it comes to pay off medical expenses for the woman you are emotionally attached in extramarital affair, either you will regret or you will end up breaking your marriage or secret affair.

Paying off her credit card bills

Things are always not about how much you have spend on the woman with whom you are in a secret affair. It gets dirty as she puts you into paying off her credit card bills too. Another such instance could be when the credit card is issued on your name, having your residential address and the bill comes in the knowledge of your wife. The picture is clear!

Necessity and responsibility multiplies

It's not that you will be looted financially. With two women in life responsibilities are surely going get multiplied and necessities are going to get doubled. You will hardly find time to concentrate on work and personal life. 


When it's no more a secret and your wife has been faithful, you are in deep trouble anyways. On filing a divorce you need to pay a settlement amount to your wife which can be hefty.

Attorney's fee

After all when things are revealed and you have decided to end up your marriage, attorney's fee is yet another additional expense that's going to cut down your bank balance.

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