Carrier Bag is the most common accessory used by both women and men in their everyday life. This has been in the trend in one way or the other, since the society can be remembered. Aside from the reason why there were created, now is the time when it is used as a fashion statements and are designed using the best quality material.

Reusable bags, better known as Bags for Life in UK. It is so versatile that it can be used time and again, almost on an average of 51 times. It is a perfect alternative for single used plastic bags. Made out of cotton, Jute and canvas fabric, they are thicker than plastic, is more durable, Eco- friendly and cost effective as it can be re-used for multiple purposes.

Early Use

Carrier Bags history and its uses go back to the time of ancient time of Egypt – in hieroglyphics where men are depicted carrying bags tied around their waist line. History of Bags for Life gives specification about the early civilisation where farmers use to carry grains and seeds in small bags. Whereas, African priests were known to carry beaded bags, which was a sign of power and luxury. Now the bags have taken a different shapes and designs that are created keeping today's living style in view. Though the usage of carrying of these bags has not much changes from past to future, but it is more of a fashion accessory for both men and women. Be it a country lover, a city worker, student or a shopper, this is an essential of everyone’s daily life.

This colourful range is perfect for brand advertising. Waitrose was the first supermarket to use them. Later, it was used by Sainsbury's, UK's supermarket.

Legislation and reusable bags

Encouraging on the use of reusable bags, Government has put a ban on the usage of Plastic bags. The Government will be charging an amount of 5p which is effective in England since 5 October 2015.

Fashion trend

This fashion trend setter is popular for its re-usability. Fashion stores, warehouses, apparel stores are using it for their brand promotion and packaging at checkouts. We, at Pico Bags offer a large variety of Cotton, Jute and Canvas Bags style- Drawstring Bags, Backpacks, Drawstring Pouches, Gusset, Short Handle Bags and Wine Drawstring Pouch Bags. They are available in vibrant colours like- burgundy, black, fuchsia, green, blue, pink, white, red and two colour style. You can choose from different sizes- small, medium and large in varied pack sizes- 10, 50, 100 & 200.

Visit our E- store to choose from the wide and exclusive range of Bags for Life. You can purchase from the colourful range of Cotton Bags, Jute Bags and Canvas Bags. Embrace the nature in your own way by carrying Eco- friendly bags. Save more on every bulk purchase from Carrier Bag Hut. Think Bags, Think Pico Bags!!

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