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While shopping, every shopper requires a carrier bags and plastic bags are the most commonly used option to serve this purpose. However, there are people who care about the issues of global warming, and so they avoid using this bag. Having a closer look on the ongoing issues of global warming, Pico Bags has taken one step forward in this regard to safeguard the environment. Taking this vision ahead, we have an exclusive range of Jute Bags available on our website at an affordable price, so that if our customers require it in bulk, they can purchase in wholesale. It is a perfect alternative for plastic bags. Countries, across the globe are switching from non- biodegradable bags to 100% bio- degradable ones.  

We have a Wide Range of Jute Bags accessible in beautiful design, shapes, colours and different sizes. The variety is wide, ranging from Drawstring Pouches, Wine Drawstring Pouches, Backpacks, Jute Bags, Jute Drawstring Bags, Two Colour Bags, to Gusset Bags. Our Jute Bags are easy to carry and are stronger than plastic, which get torn off easily. Ours is a durable, strong and long lasting one that comes with convenient to hold handles.

Made from 100% natural jute fibre, they are Eco- friendly, recyclable and can be reused for years. Varied sizes from small to big, is compact to fit in almost anything. Now – a - days, these are used on checkout counters with logo and company details for branding.

Being a part of the “new trend”, Jute Bags are best to satisfy your business and everyday requirement in the most perfect way possible. They are better known for its afford ability and tensile property that serves endless purposes from shopping, grocery carrying, gifting to food packing to branding. It is a one - time investment that is truly a value for money. At Pico Bags, you get to choose from the wide collection of colours of Jute Bags- Black, Burgundy, Fuchsia, Green, Natural, Orange, Plain, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise Blue and X Mas Green at a starting price of £7.28.

Advantages of using Jute Bags:

Environment Protection - These are biodegradable bags that are 100% recyclable.  

Made of Jute Fibre - Our retailed Jute bags are made off 100% natural jute fibre without any traces of synthetic material.

Affordable prices- At Pico Bags, products are available at a cost effective price and to your surprise Jute Bags are also available at a wholesale price when purchased in bulk.  

Jute is a natural fibre and is an affordable deal to use it at all times from shopping to personal use. Purchase products in bulk and save more by getting products at a wholesale price. On the other hand by using these Eco- friendly bags, you are also encouraging others to 'Go Green'.
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