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Carry your Carrier Bags & Paper Bags in Style

“Carry your Carrier Bags & Paper Bags in Style”

 Time is changing at a rapid pace and so are trends in fashion.  Keeping track of this revolution is essential for all high street fashion retailers. With this on- going changes in the society and living style, our lives are also eventually moving fast. To catch up with this make-over of lifestyle, we too need to innovate and drive forward.

On the other hand, people want everything up and running in style, so to cater with the trend of times, Pico Bags has also innovated and introduced new and exciting products to meet up with the demand of clients.

We bring forth a range of elegant, fashionable, affordable and durable bags for our customers and clients. We are the biggest e-commerce site of UK, dealing in various types of Carrier Bags, Cotton Bags, Canvas Bags, Laminated Bags, Jute Bags, Gift Bags, Tissue Papers and other packaging solutions. Unmatched to any other brand available in the market, ours is the most loved one, as stated by our customers and clients.

A pioneer in the field of packaging solutions, we pride ourselves as the leaders in our market catering to many different types of clients and customers ranging from supermarkets, boutique and branded retailers, eateries and takeaway shops, bookshops and floweriest, various showrooms, street food sellers to casual home buyers. 

Bags ranging from Cotton, Paper, Jute and Plastic Bags are requested among our clients and customers. Our products are safe to use as these are made of virgin white kraft paper or recycled brown kraft paper. These are reusable items that can be recycled, helping the environment. While the Paper Bags are among the favourite, even Plastic Bags are liked in spite of the 5p charge as they can be used all the year round, especially during rainy seasons.

Colourful and attractive, our Carrier Bags are available in varied sizes from small, medium to large and extra-large.  They are also available in various format such as portrait or landscape.   Accessible in evergreen colours with all light and dark shades like Pink, Red, Blue, White, Black, Fuchsia, Magenta, Green and many more.  Pico Bags brings a wide range of Bags at affordable prices.

Paper Bags

 Colourful and stylish, Paper Bags from Pico Bags are the most loved and purchased brand throughout UK. Durable, Classic in look, Eco- Friendly and Strong turnover top twisted handles keeps it in demand among our clients. Try our Paper Bags available in different shades of colours and sizes in the pack of 10, 50, 100, 1000 and even 5000.


Carrier Bags

 Carry your Bags as per fashion trend. Pico Bags brings a wide and extensive range of Carrier Bags in all sizes and colours that suit various requirements. As one of the biggest and most liked online retailer of all types of Carrier Bags and Tissue Papers in UK, we thank our clients and customers who have appreciated our products.

Check our site for more details and information.    

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