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People these days, are getting more cautious about the ecological system. This is the reason why most of the companies are reducing the use of plastic bags. Wrapping papers can also be hectic for the environment and this is why we need to think of some alternatives which will help to save resources of the environment as well as reduce waste. If you are wondering for a gift adorning solution, then brown paper gift bags can be a perfect fit for you. Here are some great techniques to adorn your gift without even creating a waste.

4 Ways of Gift Wrapping Without Damaging the Environment

Potato Chip Bags:

This is not only a festive and clever idea, but actually an awesome technique to re-use potato chip bag with some creativity. Using chip bags as gift wrap is something unique, clever and creative way to deal with solid wastes. To start with it, you need to open it to reveal the shiny silver side of the chip packet. Make it clean and let it dry and you will have some great foil wrapping paper which is just the best thing to adorn your gift this holidays.

Newspaper and Magazines:

If you are spending on wrapping paper for gift wrapping, then you must have a look around you for better alternatives. There are lots of newspaper sheets, maps and magazine papers available in our homes in daily basis. Just think about beautiful stills of any food item or awesome things turned into your gift adorning wrap this year. You can even utilize old calendars or maps also, as they fall into disuse easily.

Fabric Gift bags:

The gift bags made up of fabrics make personalize, beautiful and unique gift wraps for all occasions. The best part is that they are eco-friendly, recyclable and also reusable. If you are savvy with a sewing machine, you can make your own gift bags this year.

Design the wrapping part of the gift:

A hand towel can make great wrapping for a nice bottle of olive oil, wine, candles and other items. Vases or flower pots can also be used for wrapping. Brown paper lunch bags are also the best option for the edible items like cookies and jams along with the small soap and candles.

The World is in a climate emergency and it’s going to take all of us to get out of it. The only option we have left with is to use eco-friendly products and reuse the used items. These techniques to adorn gift bags are beautiful enough as well as have no negative impact on the environment.

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