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5 Interesting Facts You Must Know about Whales

Whales are definitely one the most magical and beautiful creations by nature and it’s very sad to know how these beautiful and gigantic mammals are actually facing the extinction. There is so much awareness that needs to be spread among people so that they can also know more about them and play their part in saving them.

Whales, besides being the largest living being on earth, are also very smart and here we have something about them that will make you love them more.

Closest relative of whale on land

Closest relative of whale on land: This may surprise you as you never would have thought who could be the closest one to whales on land (other than dolphins). Its hippopotamus… yes hippos are actually the closest to cetaceans (whales and dolphins).

Largest heart

Largest heart: We always say when someone does something nice “aww he’s got the biggest heart” but we need to stop there because the blue whale already has it in literal sense. Yes of course world’s largest animal ever i.e. blue whale has the largest heart that weights up to 1000 pounds.

Loudest creature

Loudest creature: Correct they even hold the title of being the loudest creature on earth. 188db which you can listen from 100 miles and it is louder than a jet. These sounds are too loud for human ears.

Humpback whales have besties

Humpback whales have besties: You’ll be surprised to know that humpback whales make friends for lifetime. Unlike some whales humpback whales are usually anti-social but during their migration once in a year they meet their bff and it is usually found in females. This is just like women hanging out.

They sing and even spread the song across the oceans

They sing and even spread the song across the oceans: We knew whales can sing but do you know they make their song and they spread it across the ocean with other whales and they all sing the same song until the next song is there and it is catchy enough. This is so much like how actually our music industry works. There we have some amazing pop stars… you better watch it Brittany.

How amazing and precious these creatures are and how sad is that because of us they are on the board of getting extinct. But we still have a chance and it’s never too late. Try to use more and more natural products and stop using plastics instead use paper made products, avoid food and products that contain whale parts. Do what you can and give these creatures a gift of life.

by: Rishabh Dwivedy

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