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It is unlikely to believe that tissue papers can be so helpful in our everyday life. Most of the times these sheets are merely used as tissue wrapping paper but little did we know that these sheets could be more than this. People across UK slowly understand the benefits and have begun to stock these sheets. You can buy tissue paper online or from the store, they cost less yet have many benefits.

Also, tissue papers do no harm to our environment. These sheets in beautiful colours look vibrant and play an important role in home decor. Apart from the benefits listed there are also some lesser known usage of these sheets, which is a good way to substitute many products with one.

Below are few things used at home that you can easily replace with this magical sheet.

Drawer liners- Little have you thought about using these sheets as drawer liners but it is a brilliant way to do so. These sheets are made of paper thus are more environment friendly than plastic. Using bright colours will light up your drawer and most importantly these are way cheaper than drawer liners thus you can simply replace them rather than taking the pain of cleaning.

Window shades- This might sound weird and cheap but it is a good way to add some fun to a boring room. Cover each pane of the window with a bright and different colour tissue paper. You will feel an absolute fresh vibe in the room when sun rays filter colourful light through the window.

Apparel liners- You can use plain tissue paper sheets while keeping your expensive clothes to prevent the work or embellishments from spoiling. Use these sheets between every layer of your dress while folding it and keep it like new forever.

Crafts and home decor products- There are multiple craft and home decor products that you can make using these colourful sheets. Be it tissue paper flowers, garlands, wreath or pom-poms. You can engross your kids in fun activities that imbibe learning or do it yourself to decorate your home.

Document separators- All of us invest in useless plastic sheets that act as separators to keep are documents aligned and in correct order. We can easily use these colourful sheets as document separators by punching few holes. The best part about using these sheets as document separators is that you can write over these sheets. So you can give a name to the section of your documents kept under these separators or even write the list of documents that lay below it.

These are some unique yet effective ways you can substitute many things at home with tissue paper sheets.  

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