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5 Things You Should Take Care of During Your Ecotourism

We love going to places that are undisturbed. However, knowingly or unknowingly we tend to destroy and ruin the balanced ecological areas. Because of this ecotourism is getting popular day-by-day. But on the flip side of it, the tourists often litter these places and make them dirty.

Here We Have Five Advises Which Will Tell You What You Should Do and What You Shouldn’t During Ecotourism.

Take only biodegradable materials

Take only biodegradable materials: Do not take anything with you which are made from plastic and cannot be decomposed. Don’t litter the environment and throw such items in the municipal dustbins. It’s better to carrier bags or jute bags with you so that even if you throw or lose them they won’t hurt the environment.

Take only biodegradable materials

Don’t make noises: Do not play loud radios, recorders or anything in the wild. It may disturb the animals. Try to listen to the music of nature, the real inspiration comes from there and there is nothing more soothing than that.

3 Don’t take away anything from the wild

3 Don’t take away anything from the wild: We already have stolen enough but now as tourist you shouldn’t pluck any flower because you know it’s rare, it should be where it belongs to and in places like Himalayas it is even illegal. The environment is sensitive and should be protected at all cost.

No cigarettes and alcohol

No cigarettes and alcohol: This should not be an instruction; this is something you should already know that taking such items in the wild is not safe. Lighting a cigarette and leaving it in the wild can cause jungle fire and alcohol is harmful not only to you, but also the animals if they consume it. So be aware!

Respect the rules

Respect the rules: If you are here to enjoy the nature, appreciate every bit of it and always follow the instructions given to you and don’t think you are here just for fun. You are here to learn too. 

By Rishabh Dwivedy

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