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5 Types Of People We Often See At Subways

The underground railway is part of large number of people not just in UK but around the world. In the subway we are exposed to another world where we get to see different types of people. Here are some stereotypical things that we see in the subway.

The fighting couple

The fighting couple: You might be having your headphones on but if you mute it you will get to see some angry couple drama. These fights are hell of entertainment. You might even think about your morals, but fighting in public is also unethical. So just enjoy!

You see someone you hate

You see someone you hate: You are in the train and suddenly your so called friend is now here to destroy your peaceful moments and now you have to indulge yourself into forceful conversations.

The guy who pops when door closes

The guy who pops when door closes: There’s always this guy who always shows up seconds before the door closes and screams like yeah we are responsible for your delay. Why aren’t you sure where you have to go, get a map bro.?

The guy who completes whole TV series

The guy who completes whole TV series: I have never been able to understand how can people actually complete a whole series in train like I have a fear that if I looked too much at phone I am probably going to be in some other country because I always have to take care of stations, eh.. I have huge respect for these guys though.

The loud music player

The loud music player: Some people have headphones that actually work like loud speakers with an obvious reason that whatever they are listening, the whole train can listen too. So what’s the point of having earphones/headphones anyway, thanks for the DJ session.

By Rishabh Dwivedy

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