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self sufficient

Are you thinking of living self-sufficiently? many thinks that self-sufficient living is actually going to the jungle, living with animals, hunting and no phones, however the ‘no phones’ is actually true but this can be assumed by some people but it is actually learning how to live by yourself.

Self- sufficient living doesn’t mean limiting your life, there are many situations in your life where you find yourself in place where you don’t know how to help yourself. Either you want to save money to buy something expensive, or you unfortunately fall into debt and you desperately have to save money to get out of this loan this might be the best option for you.

This doesn’t happen in just one day that you start living with all that solar power and have your own farm. This is a process that takes some time, nothing happens in a day so here are some tips to start changing our lives.


be economic
1. Practice frugality- the first step towards self-sufficient life is that you start thinking economic. You need to get rid of all the materialistic and that luxury which has been a part of your life since forever. Remove the unnecessary cost from your budget such as rather than buying a movie you can rent it, cook your food by using solar cooker instead of gas and by the end of the year you surely are going to save plenty of money.


backyard farm
2. Make your backyard a farm fresh market- how will you feel if your backyard looks like farm market and you can have real chemical free and organic fruits and vegetables, it may sound out of the ordinary and you may think how can you do it you are not a farmer but it’s not that difficult and it will cut all your expenses over buying food and you will also have quality food.

basic needs
3. Getting back to basic needs- you need to start focusing on the basic needs and they are water, shelter, food, energy, finance and community. We know everyone has limits towards self-sufficient life but this can be transform into possibilities.


4. Expenses- there are so many ways to lose your expenses and are not very difficult, you just have to be a little more responsible such as

a) You can use natural products for cleaning such as vinegar and backing soda. They are cheap and better than those expensive cleaners

b) Limited eating at restaurants, it is better to carry your food by yourself rather than buying expensive food at restaurants butt obviously you don’t have to be too hard on yourself just a little control.

c) Learn to differentiate about your needs and wants. You don’t have to spend on stuff you don’t require.

5. The 3 R’s- learn to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. The 3 R’s will always be by your side.

i) Use anything that can be reuse and reinvented

ii) Rainwater harvesting 

iii) Any kitchen waste or organic dump can be used as compost for your garden or your farm.

iv) Stop using plastic rather use paper bags.

By; Rishabh Dwivedy

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