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If you notice your child has become aggressive, fights, abuses and hits other kids or people, just know that is a sign of anger in your child. Children often shout and yell when they are not able to get their own way and develop anger. Signs of violence are not good, especially for kids as they learn negative behaviour from a young age and it is not healthy for their development. Thus, it is important to control anger in children.

Following are some tips for controlling anger in kids.

1. Let Your Child Talk To A Trusted Person

Let your child express his feelings by talking to a friend or a family member about the problem for which they feel angry. It will help you in knowing the issues for which your child has developed anger and you can take steps to manage and control it.

2. Let Them Write About The Cause On Paper 

Ask your child to take a paper and write down things that upset and anger him or her. After that, tear the paper into small bits and discard the paper into a dustbin. It is a good way of throwing the anger away. Let your child do this every time he is angry.

3. Reward Them When They Follow Rules

Reward your child when they follow the rules for controlling anger that you set for them. Pack some candies and chocolates wrapped in tissue paper and give to the kids when they follow good behaviour and control their anger. Also, let them know the punishment they will get when they become angry and break rules. Get them to do extra chores and prevent them from getting privileges when they misbehave and become angry.

4. Draw

Encourage kids to draw whenever they feel angry and vent out their feeling on paper with colours. Gift your child a set of colours, markers, crayons wrapped in acid free tissue paper. Also, give them drawing paper and sketching pad on which they can draw. Drawing is a creative activity that controls anger, besides helping in developing creative skills.

5. Unplug The Kids

Do not allow kids to watch television and play games on the computer for long time. Unplug them from these activities. Reduce the time they spend on these channels. Most kids learn the aggressive behaviour from TV shows. Instead, encourage your child to read storybooks. Buy some storybooks from the market and pack them wrapped in white wrapping Paper. Present the books to kids so that they develop an interest in reading instead of watching TV.

6. Teach Deep Breathing Exercises To Kids

Teach some deep breathing exercises to your kids and ask them to do it when they feel angry. It helps in releasing the anger with breaths. Ask your child to take in deep breaths and exhale deeply. Slow breathing will help in controlling the anger in kids.

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