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Hosting a business dinner at home is pretty tricky. Though you might feel comfortable in your known territory, the guests might feel a little intimidated. Also, there is a chance that they might feel the arrangements not according to their tastes. But nonetheless, understanding and acting on a few points can actually help you to organise a better dinner than that at a restaurant. Here are a few things that may assist you in your endeavour.

  • Set a date that you can accommodate into your schedule. You must be free for at least 3-4 hours, depending on the magnitude and reason of the party, but anticipate some more delays. Explain the way to the location of your guests while inviting them. Send a proper invite mentioning the time and date. If you know the place they are visiting from, you can estimate the time that they will be taking while travelling so plan accordingly.
  • Make proper arrangement for receiving your guests. You must remember that they are not your usual friends so try to dress-up for the occasion. If you are including your spouse or other family members ask them to dress up too. Decide the menu and arrange the foods according to the occasion. Take out your best crockery sets and set the table as per need. Wrap the spoons, forks and knives in cheap wrapping papers to make the arrangement look more professional.
  • You can serve the appetisers while you discuss your deal. Having a bottle of wine could prove quite handy in these situations, just if you keep reminding yourself not to get drunk. Keep an eye on the plates of each guest and never let them run out of food, but you must remember not to rush them. You can switch to dinner after a while if your guests have a long way to return.
  • Welcome each of the guests warmly with a smile on your face and a firm handshake. Show them the place you have and get them into the respective seats. You might give them some small welcome gifts wrapped in luxury wrapping paper.
  • Try to use your charm and charisma while speaking business. Keep an affirmative tone, but don’t be too rude or harsh. Speaking clearly about what’s on your mind is essential here. Ask the guests about their comments and try to come to a general Sometimes you may have to be diplomatic while you are trying to squeeze a few benefits out of the business. But doing it in a right way could just clinch you the deal.
  • Whether the deal is finalised or not, always be nice to your clients. If the deal is not finalised, you might have to try to adapt to a different approach, but if you be rude to them, you might lose the deal altogether. Thank each one of the guests personally for making to the party and wish them well when you sign off the party.

Remember that it is your attitude and people handling skills that can win you a great deal so polish them as much as you want before organising the event.

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