“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” – Jack Dixon

Losing weight fast is the motive or goal for most of us. But how do you do it?  You can easily reduce a coup on calories without affecting your life. Just follow this simple advice for how to lose weight fast.

  1. Drink Lots of Water- Always start your day with a glass or two of plain water. It has been proven that drinking water first thing in the morning helps you to jump start your metabolism. And it also helps in removing toxins from your body. Also, if you want a drink then try to drink water, as water is a drink which has no calories. Drinking plain water also helps in controlling hunger. It prevents you from eating unnecessary calories. Switch to water or green tea and you will feel the difference within a day.
  2. Increased Intake of Fat-burning Foods- Fat burning foods are the ways to lose weight fast. Certain foods are there that increase your metabolism which in turn speeds up the weight loss process. Foods like beans, apples, walnuts, ginger, spices, oats, green tea and water are some of the foods to include in your daily diet to lose weight fast. For keeping these foods in stock at your home, you need to buy brown paper bags. They always stay fresh in brown paper bags.
  3. Have a Walk after Meals- Do you know that walking 5-minutes after meal leads you to improve daily blood sugar levels to a greater extent. A single 45-minute walk in the morning cannot do that favor to you. Everyday try taking a uten-minute’ walk after your every meal. This will help you to burn few calories quickly and relieves you from indigestion.
  4. Engage Yourself in Cardio Exercise- Cardio is the most common form of weight loss exercise. It is very much effective and it increases your heart rate and metabolism. These are the key elements for weight loss. You can try circuit training, kettle bell, stair training, and swimming, jumping ropes, tennis, jogging and Cross Fit for quick weight loss.
  5. Eat Small Meals- Always eat within regular intervals. You can buy paper bags, carry some food in those paper bags daily and have it within small time gaps. Skipping meals or eating irregularly can lead to many other health complications like bloating and acidity, apart from sabotaging your weight loss plans.
  6. Avoid Alcohol- Avoid the intake of alcohol regularly. If you are interested in burning fat and stay fit then you need to stay away from alcohol. Because consuming even a glass of alcohol is approximately 90 calories and will make weight loss harder.
  7. Don't make dinner your heaviest meal- As per researchers, people who eat their largest meals later in the day lost less weight than people who eat their heaviest meals early on. The reason is mostly because the body digests food differently at different times — and more slowly at night. 

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