Be it groceries or shopping, you need a carrier bag at your side. Carrier bags are required by both, the seller and buyer for their own and unique purposes. To satisfy both the sides, the product has to meet the varied demands of both.  It not only has to be of highest quality, strong enough to carry large number of items all the while look gorgeous when carrying around.

Carrier Bags should be convenient  

When it comes to convenience, everyone wants a comfortable grip to hold on.   The last thing you want is that when you hold the bags, either the handle breaks or the bag tears.  Neither of these two events will leave a good impression on your buyers’ minds.  As a high street retailer, you want to ensure that all your customers are happy with their purchases including the carrier bags that you provide them with.  By ensuring a great customer service and experience, you build strong relationships and can make them as repeat buyers in the future.  

It is even more important now that you not only brand but make a positive impact on packaging your items so that it leaves an indelible mark on the customer.  They not only remember the packagaing but they remember and come back to you again and again for your product and the beautiful packaging that you have given the product in.  Sometimes, they may be carrying a bag, which may not be durable and may tear off easily.  If it does tear off, then it will be quite a disheartening experience for you as a retailer and even the customer not shopping with you anymore.  This though undesirable can be avoided by packaging your products in a stronger and more sturdy carrier bags that not only is functional but also looks good with your logo and colours.

Now imagine, if you were selling exclusive and exquisite jewellery in your shop and that a client comes in with a takeaway bag.  You may not want your exclusive jewellery to be put in a takeaway bag.  Worst would be if they take the jewellery in the takeaway bag and then show it to their other friends.  How would it look and what kind of impression would it create among friends.  This may create a negative impression among your current or future potential buyers – not a desirable result.

But Pico Bags, has a way out. You can get your Own Carrier Bags Printed with your brand name or logo. A great way to positively present your brand name all the while ensuring they shop with you again and again.  Available at cost effective prices, you can purchase these Carrier Bags at wholesale prices.  We have a varied range of Carrier Bags for Sale, which can be purchased in bulk to save money and time. Choose the right one, that suits best for your shop or business.

Variety of Bags

Along with Carrier Bags, we also have Drawstring Bags, that are easy to carry and one can tie up all things at once.  It is best for easy and secure storage of all your voluminous articles.  You can select our Drawstring Pouches that are perfect to pack jewellery and Canvas Bottle Drawstring Bags which are great to be used at Wine Shops. Stock up on with Drawstring Bags at cheap prices.

Check our site for more variety and buy in bulk to save more.
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