A universal topic of concern for people worldwide is how to protect the environment. Over the few years environmentalists have raised their concerned on the amounts of damage that has been caused by the humans' to the environment due to the use of harmful things such as plastic bags. Taking this as a great concern, Pico Bags have come up with eco-friendly paper carrier bag which is a great solution for the environment.  We are in the online retail business of Brown Paper Bags with Coloured Eco- Friendly Paper Carrier Bags in UK.

Paper is manufactured using trees, and trees perish when exposed to the weather and so, these bags does not leave any permanent debris or chunk outside or in landfills. This makes them environment friendly and recyclable. Our coloured eco-friendly paper carrier bags, can be used for various purposes, from shopping to gifting to grocery buying. Available in colours like blue, green, brown, red and stripes, these bags are truly a value for price.

Colour of Shopping

When it comes to shopping, women get excited and it’s like a freedom time for them, which they love it, be it online or offline. While shopping, there are a lot of things that women carry in their hand from handbags to shopping bags.  If the shopping bags are torn or the handles come out prematurely, most women may not like it.  This is the last thing that one thinks for but is one of the most important to consider.  You can go for colourful eco-friendly carrier bags that matches with your dress and shoes, making you feel good, and also appreciated by many others. This feeling will make shopping more pleasant and lively with strong bags that last long and are able to carry heavy load of your shopped items.

Even while grocery purchase, if you have a bag that goes well with your dress colour and is strong enough to hold on all the purchased items, what more one can desire for. These bags come with rope handle for carrying very heavy things, while flat and twisted one is best for both light and medium weight items.   

Gift it!!

When it comes to gifting, along with the present its packing also needs to be a prominent and pleasing one. But going for an expensive way of packing with wrapping paper can be lengthy process rather a more impressive one will be gifting in a beautiful Coloured Eco- Friendly Paper Carrier Bags. You can buy in bulk and use it every single time you are about to gift to someone. You can also use it for a house party and get a beautiful quote printed on it, to make it more special for its receivers. Buy in bulk and use it wherever and whenever you want to and save money with Pico Bags.

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