A gift is anything given as a present to someone dear. Gifts form an important part of our life as it is necessary to give gifts to show love, care, gratitude, respect. Gifts are a way of showing our emotional feelings to others. Parents give their children gifts on Christmas or any other occasion or for their birthdays to express their love towards them. Similarly, when children grow up to show their gratitude and respect towards their parents and teachers, they also give gifts. Gifts are not for the rich or poor. Be it anyone rich or poor, old or young; everyone loves gifts. So when gift giving has become such an important part of our lives, we should use something recyclable to give gifts instead of which will harm the environment. We can use paper gift bags with handles instead of synthetic or polyethylene bags or wrapping papers. A paper bag is made out of paper. It can be a single-layered bag or multi-layered as per requirement.

Every one always recommends paper gift bags because of the following reasons:

  • Paper gift bags are easy to use.
  • If they have handled, they are easy to carry. Different kinds of handles are used, twisted handles or simple handles.
  • Paper gift bags maybe without handles also.
  • They may be of the various matte colors.
  • White paper gift bags always look fashionable and enhance the appearance of a gift bag as white is the symbol of purity.

White paper gift bags can use anywhere for any purpose. It can pose for other purposes to other than gifting. Once used, it can also be reused for multiple purposes.

  • You can also use paper bags for carrying clothing, books and much other stuff other than gifts and yet it gives a fancy look.
  • Paper bags are mostly used for shopping.

If we continue using plastic bags, tons of plastic get dumped into the oceans. The fishes take in this plastic and get choked to death. Thus plastic poses a serious threat to the marine environment. Thus we should avoid using plastic or polythene bags in our daily lives to save the marine environment. We should therefore always use paper gift bags to show love and care to our friends and relatives.

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