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Saving the earth and ensuring to use the best measures in order to eradicate the problems is indeed the need of the hour. Everyone these days, are increasingly becoming aware of repercussions of using toxic materials and its ill effects on the surface of Earth and the atmosphere.


Advantages And Disadvantages of Paper and Plastic Carrier Bags

The sue of plastic bags and paper bags have been under discussion since long now, however, its use, harmful effects and convenience are certainly just a few aspects that have made it all the more tough and confusing. Although none of the options are cent per cent better. They indeed carry their own set of flaws and limitations for that matter. Like plastic bags are harmful for the environment and the earth, while on the other hand, paper carrier bags are also not a complete solution as they tend to cut down trees that another aspect that hampers the well being of all the living beings, surviving on earth.

Today in this blog let us jot down a few of the properties that prove to be both a disadvantage and advantageous too considering the various aspects it has been used for!

Advantage and Disadvantages of Paper Bags

  • The number of places where people are largely adapting the paper bags, it is definitely helpful as this is limiting the use of plastic and its toxins.

    • The use of paper bags is definitely environment-friendly and has its own share of benefits.

    • The decomposition of paper bags is certainly great and also its ability to be recycled has major benefits, undoubtedly.

    • However, on the other hand, it is rather not a completely safe option too. It also carries its own set of limitations like they tend to disintegrate when it comes in constant with anything wet.

    • Cost factor is another aspect that deters people to opt towards it. Both the business owners, sellers as well as the consumers hesitate towards opting towards buying and using paper bags.

    Advantage And Disadvantages Of Plastic Carrier Bags

    • Being a highly durable and low cost and easy maintenance product, plastic has certainly gained a lot of popularity and is increasingly making its way into most of the homes, without doubts.

    • Being light in weight but strong and sturdy at the same time! Plastic bags prove to be the best shopping companion and have made a large space in our daily lives.

    • But in spite of carrying much of convenience, plastic bags have been proven to cause harm and damage to the living beings on earth as well as the environment.

    • They tend to clog the drains, and tend to float over the earth’s surface for years. This release toxin and prove to be unhealthy for the environment.

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