Ever since its inception, Paper Bags have gone through many changes but they still remain the most popular for storage and to carry item. Almost, everyone has used these bags for one or more times. Supermarkets, stores and malls, around the globe use these bags to pack purchased products. Despite its usage and popularity amongst customers, these Eco- friendly bags face a tough competition from plastic bags.  You will mostly find these paper bags for packaging in supermarkets, as they are durable, spacious and cost effective than the latter.

Manufacturers use Kraft papers to develop these durable bags that are high in quality and are resilient. These are reusable, as they can be used for household purposes whenever it is at the end of its life and may get torn. Advantages of Paper Bags are endless, it depends upon its usage, how and when it is being used. These are more durable than plastic bags, which are not always eco-friendly choice. They don't have a flat base like paper bags, which makes keeping of containers and boxes, difficult. These are not even safe for environment and also for children. Mostly, plastics are non- recyclable and can induce suffocation, if a child puts it over his head.  Tearing the paper bag is easier and if it is recyclable, then it is much more environment friendly than the plastic bags.

Wholesale Paper Bags in UK has now-a-days come up as a fashion statement, as these are used by big brands for their promotion and advertising. A big apparels brand, sports product manufacturers uses these personalised bags during customer checkout. It is the best and cheapest way of branding, as they act as a walking billboard. Companies and their designers spend a lot of time to create something innovative and attractive, in order to grab customer's attention for the publicity of their brand.

Apart from the above listed benefits, the main Advantage of Paper Bags usage is its Eco- friendly feature. These reusable products are recyclable and bio- degradable that comes at wholesale price. The fact of these bags of being cheap, recyclable and reusable makes it more advantageous and keeps it in demand. As plastics do not degrade easily, it results in creating wastage in the landfills, while the paper bags degrade easily without harming the open ground. Plastic are so harmful that they release toxic gases, when it is burnt, whereas for every tree that is cut, a new one is planted. Papers are recycled in order to produce new pieces, which make it more advantageous for human, nature and marine life.

If you are a retailer that has flair to help save the environment, then browse through Pico Bags, UK and shop for Wholesale Paper Bags range in bulk. Our supplied bags are high in quality that is environment friendly and cost effective.

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