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People have started taking interest in favor of our environment. In fact, they have also started an initiative in advertising the facts to others about global warming. Not only this, they have also said about the reason of supporting brown paper bags over plastic bags. Brown paper bags are made up of superior quality natural Kraft paper which is extracted from the chemical wood pulp.  They are highly durable and tear resistant. These bags are extremely strong as they are strengthened with handles posted on both the inside panels. These paper bags are also elegant and are visually more attractive. The finishing of each bag has a delightful ribbed glaze look with twisted handles.

All You Need to Know about Brown Paper Bags

Natural brown paper bags are safe for carrying edible goods.  They are used in grocery shops, green vegetable stores, clothing outlets, shoe shops and also in wine shops.  After being reused several times, they can be decorated with buttons, glitters, colours and glues. Paper bags are reusable, biodegradable and may be recycled from a previous existence, while the plastic ones are hazardous to the public health. These bags are available in different pack sizes that are in small, medium and large sizes. They can also have variations like Brown Kraft paper counter bags, Natural brown carrier bags flat handle; Natural brown twisted handle carrier bags, Natural Brown Carrier Bag Rope Handle and Stripe Brown Paper Carrier Bags. Let us learn about the ways we use the brown paper shopping bags:


Uses of Brown Paper Bags:-

To ripen fruit-

Ripen Fruit


Peaches, avocados, apples, pears and tomatoes can be easily ripened if you put them in Brown Paper Bags. This paper holds a natural gas which helps in ripening these fruits. Store mushroom in Brown Paper Bag to keep it fresh. The ripening process stops as soon as you keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

Wrapping gifts-

Wrapping gifts


You can keep stocking brown bags and when needed can use them for wrapping up the gifts. You just need to personalize them with your innovative ideas. You can festoon them with rubber bands, laces or stamps. It will also show your loved ones that you have taken the time to make this gift special for the loved person.




To get a little relief from the boring white envelope, you can try innovation by cutting the brown papers and folding them to give them the shape of an envelope. You can use these envelopes for personal use and they are sturdy in nature as well.

Book Covers-

Book Covers


Schools always require students to cover their textbooks. You can use a paper bag to cover the books. As a bonus, your students will be happy if they get a DIY task of decorating these brown covered books with their innovations. It will also help in keeping the books in good condition.





You just need to know little - designed paper cuttings to reuse these bags into a beautiful eye-catching luminary. Put some sand inside and place a tea candle inside these paper bags and you are ready for a mesmerizing candle light room for your partner.





This is the easiest DIY to make with brown paper bags. The most inexpensive way to keep your memories intact is making a scrapbook with brown paper bag. Once finished, you can flick over your memories.


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