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Paper or plastic carry bags? Which one is better for us and our environment? According to some studies, small paper bags are eco-friendlier than plastic bags. It is because such bags are easy to recycle. Plastic bags are not recyclable, and this is one of the primary reasons why many countries, including the United Kingdom, have banned such harmful carry bags. Instead of using plastic bags, we all can make use of these bags in our daily life.

Well! Brown paper lunch bags look dull but believe me; you can do countless amazing things with them. Let’s discuss:

  • Goody bags

Yes, it is possible to make some beautiful goody bags for your next party with these paper carry bags. You can decorate the plain brown paper with glitters, markers, stickers, or whatever beautiful thing is available near you. If the occasion is your kid’s birthday party, then you can make it even more special by creating individual goody bags.

  • Keep baked items

You need not get surprised as you can keep the baked items like muffins, cookies, brownies in such white paper bags with handles. Just staple the bag, and your baked items will remain fresh and crunchy for a longer time. If you want to make your simple bags attractive, then you can show off your creativity on them.

  • Mushroom keeper

If you want to keep the mushrooms fresh for a long time of period, then you can keep them in a brown paper bag. Just keep the mushrooms in the bag and staple it. By doing this, the moisture of the mushrooms will not be absorbed.

  • Decorate your outdoors with luminaries

If you are planning to host a party, then it is your duty to decorate your outdoor area perfectly. You can use different paper bags for the decoration. Yes, it is possible. Just cut out decorative shapes from the paper bags and decorate them with various items. After that, just pour some sand in the bottom area of every bag. Then place some votive candles at the base of every bag. They look very beautiful!

  • Rehydrate hard rolls or bread

If you want to make the stale bread moist, then you can use these ordinary bags as well. Just keep the rolls or bread in the brown paper bag, fold the bags tightly and place it in the oven at low temperature. They will become moist within 10 minutes.

  • Creative crafts

If you are an original creature and always find something to showcase your creativity, then you can take your creativity one step further by using such paper lunch bags. Just take out your creativity tools such as scissors, ribbons, glue, glitter, googly eyes, stickers, and pompom, etc. After that, just dive into the ocean of creativity and let your imagination’s horses win the race. You’ll surely have a very good time by creating something unique, attractive, and interesting by using simple paper bags.

Brown paper carry bags are fun and the easiest way to do out-of-the-box things. Just try them and make your leisure time even more joyful.

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