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Do you have some cotton bags lying unused at one corner of your home? Have they made space for themselves in the attic? If so then it’s time to take them out of your store and use them and repurposes those bags for some new usage ideas. Here is a checklist of few things that you can do with your wholesale brown paper carrier bags. So have a look at these splendid ideas and then use these small cheat codes to repurpose your old cotton bags.

Use them as diaper bags

If you have little toddlers at home, then you might definitely know the number of napkins and diapers that you may need on a daily basis. So these old cotton bags can serve as a utility bag for storing your baby’s napkins and diapers. These cotton bags can save you cash from buying a separate diaper bag for your child.

Usage as gym bags

Are you tired of carrying those heavy duffel bags to the gym? Then these cotton carrier bags are going to serve you at its best to take your gym clothes to the gym. You can also carry your water bottle and towel in these cotton bags for your work out session.

Dance class bags

Do you go for any dance sessions or do you have children whom you have enrolled in dance classes? If yes, then you can use some stylish cotton bags and repurpose the bags to be used as a carrier for all the dancing class essentials. You can carry your shoes and other outfits that you need for your dance practice in those cotton bags.

Karate or kung fu classes

Are you in for some self-defence classes? Do you practice karate or kung fu then these cotton bags are an ideal thing to stuff your karate clothes and carry it to your classes.

Camping bags

Those simple cotton bags can also be repurposed into camping bags. You can design them and make those cotton carrier bags an ideal thing to carry all the camp utilities.

Picnic bags

You can also repurpose all your old cotton bags into stylish picnic bags. You can load all your food packets and picnic items in your bag and start off for your picnic trip.

Laundry bags

You can also use or buy paper bags to keep your laundry and used clothes. So the next time you throw your dirty clothes here and there, do take a bit of effort to put them all in the old cotton bags to pile them up in one place.

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