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March 17 is about to come, and everyone must be excited about it with the roads going charming and colourful. It's time to hang your black canvas tote bag and be ready to spend a day shopping and enjoying. Beer, shots are the name that people take from day to night amidst all the enjoyment and charm of the St. Patrick's day. Here is why people love this day.

Party party fervour

St Patrick's day commences with a party fervour, and you can party the whole day and night. You can walk down the roads with your plain cotton bags for the entire day and enter back to your doors at night, and nobody is gonna question you why?


People can start their day off waking up to some green beer and end it with the same as well, and nobody is going to tell you that you are an alcoholic. This is the time when you can literally roll out of your bed and straightway walk to a bar, and nobody is going to give you that strange looks.

No office day

Another good news is that you don’t have to wake up early and get dressed for your office. You can laze around and cuddle up with your blankets till the time you want. As soon as you are in a mood to wake up, you can go get dressed up in any attire, hold on to your cotton tote bags and start the day with a kickass fruity drink or beer and enjoy the whole day.

Find your love

For all the singles who are ready to mingle, this day can prove as a love dove day. You may hardly find your way in this party fervour day when you are out on the roads and may bump into many people. Who knows you can find your love amidst the Patrick days celebration?

Music love

Whether it may be a rock on performance or some folks or even the jazz, you can just roll out of your bed get ready and let yourself to a place where you can find your taste. You can get to see a lot many bands performing on the roads; you just need to find where you have your interest.

The green day

The go green code is the theme of St. Patricks day, and you can literally wear all your greens from top to bottom, dress like a frog or a green parrot and nobody is going to give you those weird looks.

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