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Visiting a nearby supermarket? Always carry fashionable and ready to use cotton drawstring bags from Pico bags. We are a UK based online retailer providing the most stylish and eco-friendly bags for all occasions. Check out our entire range of cotton bags and you will want to buy more and more of them rather than using the regular paper or plastic bags.

The benefits of cotton bags and paper bags are almost similar. Except for the fact that paper bags have limited space to hold items. Sometimes the items tend to fall out from paper bags because of less space. Similarly the main disadvantage of plastic bags is that they are not biodegradable and do not decay. They continue to pollute our environment and surroundings for years and years. They are equally harmful for the animals especially sea turtles. Thus, always choose cotton bags and carry your regular items in style and comfort.

cotton drawstring bags

We have cotton bags in different colours, patterns and designs to match your mood and requirements. Cotton bags can be carried to supermarkets for shopping or can also be used to make a style statement of your own. All you have to do is to choose your favourite pack of cotton bags and bulk purchase them from our portal.

We assure that the cotton bags made by us are sturdy and long-lasting. We also use the best quality cotton for our entire range of cotton bags. They can be reused from time to time to carry regular grocery, clothes, books or your personal belongings.

Cotton bags sold by us have ample space in them. Now you can stuff your bag with your favourite items and carry them in style. They have a flat bottom which is helpful when you are carrying heavy items or some liquid items like oil or water and want them to remain erect. Most of the bags have handles attached to them in different shapes. It becomes extremely easy to carry items using handles.

We have gifting bags for all occasions. Gift your loved ones a bundle of hand-picked dry fruit on any occasion in cotton pouch bags. Show your love and care to friends by gifting them their favourite bottle of wine wrapped in cotton bottle bags. You can also choose cotton backpack bags which are ideal for vacations and also for students.

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