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Attract more customers by offering them easy to carry and comfortable brown paper bags by purchasing them from Pico bags. We are an UK based online retailer and have been delivering small brown paper bags to clients from all over the world. Paper bags are the most convenient and popular bags which can be used for shopping and gifting. All brown kraft products are biodegradable and made from 100% recycled material.

As compared to plastic bags, Small brown paper bags are recyclable. Plastic bags on the other hand are banned in most of the countries and they cannot be recycled. They take hundreds of years to degrade and disintegrate into tiny plastic particles which pollute the environment and are harmful for animals. Thus we recommend all shop owners, supermarkets and take away outlets to provide brown paper bags to their customers.
We have a vivid collection of brown paper bags in different styles and patterns to select from. To add to the pleasure of shopping, our bags have handles attached to them. Using handles gets comfortable for customers to carry grocery or heavy stuff with ease. Paper bags are sturdy and durable as they are made from good quality kraft paper. So, it is easy to use them for different requirements from time to time.
Buy Durable And Eco-Friendly Small Brown Paper Bags From PicoBags

Are you looking for suitable bags for gifting purpose? Grab a pack of brown paper bags with handles from our web site. Opt for these bags for packing chocolates, cookies or any other item to surprise your loved ones.

Do you own a designer apparel store and don’t know what to use to promote your brand? Well, we have a novel and innovative solution for you. We present to you brown paper bags which are sturdy, durable, comfortable and eco-friendly and are ideal for brand promotion. Bulk purchase a set of brown paper bags and customize them to showcase your work and add other useful information for the customers. So choose your favorite brown paper bag available in different styles and patterns and bulk purchase by ordering from our website. Thus, choose Pico bags to Buy More to Save More!

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