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Plastic bags make a lot of difference in our everyday life. We understand that these bags are absolutely hazardous for the environment, but the only aspect that makes it unique is its water proof quality. How often do you get gravy packed in a plastic bag or use these as garbage bags for semi liquid or wet waste? So when we think of eliminating plastic from our life, we have to consider the difficulties lack of these bags can create.

Paper is environment friendly, but its production involves cutting down of trees and forests. However, this is a problem that can be solved by planting more trees for all the trees we have lost. Thus the environment can recover the oxygen supply it has lost due to the cut down of trees. Plastic on the other hand has no such solution. Plastic bags once made cannot be decomposed. They pollute soil, water and air, in short a total environment disaster.

Considering the environment needs, if you are planning on deciding your business packaging, experts suggest buy small paper bags. Apart from environment these bags can also be designed with hand paints, thread work, mirror work and all unique embellishments one could think of.

Different ways paper bags can help you in improving your business promotion.

Paper bags printed with brand name- Adapting defined packaging for your business, helps an organisation establish as brand. Keeping a uniform packaging for your customers and following a specific theme for the store will build recognition among your customers.

 Attractive and creative- Organisation can be creative while designing its white paper bags with handles. Opting for bright colours, imitation of some hand painting and even involving creativity in designing logos can help a great extent in making the brand noticeable. This also increases the chance of the paper bags to be reused.

Uses that paper bags are not competent for

Carry moisture laden articles- Paper bags cannot work effectively for the times where customer’s need to carry wet articles. This is the one and only area where plastic bags are helpful and there have been no alternative to these bags, plastic bags are yet used in our everyday life.

Rainy season or unpredictable weather- Since paper bags are not water proof, these are not ideal for rainy seasons. In sudden instances of rain these bags might not be able to protect your belongings or articles that are being carried in the bag.

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