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Tissue paper is one of the most unique paper that can be given numerous shapes, forms and uses. You can use it for home decor, try your hands on craft, wrap gifts for loved ones and the list goes on. Vibrantly colourful, translucent and easily available, tissue papers are a super raw material for all craft lovers. Stocking these papers at home can help you in keeping kids engrossed with craft or even you can try your hands on creativity.

Challenge your Imagination get Creative

Here are some products that can be easily made at home without shedding big money.

Happy and creative glass jars- If you wish to add a tint of colour in your regular glass jars, use tissue papers. Take four bright and vibrant coloured tissue papers and cut them into some random shapes like flowers, star or regular shapes like rectangle. Paint the jar with Mod Podge and stick shapes carefully over the jar. Now coat it with another layer of Mod Podge. Let it dry and you are done. These tissue paper jars look amazing. You can even use these as candle jars.

Tissue paper flowers- These can bring life to any flower vase. Tissue paper flowers serve as an exquisite home decor, which if used carefully can stay for a much longer duration than fresh flowers. These are easy to make and fabulous to look. To learn how to make tissue paper flowers click here.

Wedding confetti- Tissue papers make the best confetti. Procedure is absolutely simple. All you need to do is cut these papers into tiny hearts or flowers. Fill these shapes into tiny organza bags and hand it over to the attendees of the wedding. Once the ceremony is performed they can bestow confetti on the blessed couple.

Wrapping paper- Yes tissue papers are also known as wrapping paper. You can either wrap gift directly with a tissue paper sheet or use it as a decoration over regular brown paper cover. A good way to do that would be to paste tissue paper confetti on the wrapped gift to form a ribbon. You can also use stripes of tissue paper to form ribbon.

Tissue paper wreath- These amazing tissue paper wreath could make your Christmas merrier. Since these can be easily made at home, you can make them in different colours and go overboard with decoration. To make these, all you need to do is cut a cardboard in a ring approximately three inches wide and inner circle with a radius of around 6 inches. Cut tissue paper in small squares and paste them from the center using adhesive. Just paste the center and let the sides be free. Cover the card board with tissue papers in a similar way. Tie a ribbon on one side and your wreath is ready.

These are some ways you can use tissue paper to enhance your home decor and enjoy craft.

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