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Children always enjoy doing something interesting and nothing can be best other than spending time with them to recycle and craft at the same time. Yes, this children’s book holder provides you opportunity to do both.

Before actually diving into the world of crafting, you will need to figure out which materials you will actually need. That’s the basis of starting any crafty project, right! We are going to deal with shopping bags, so we can is wrapping papers or wallpapers to cover them. The fact is that making something amazing with brown paper carrier bags in UK or gift bags makes kids more interested.

Things Required:

  • Wrapping papers
  • Shopping bags
  • Adhesives
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tools

Steps to get started:

  1. One can start with measuring the base of shopping bags by placing books inside it, you can mark one-fourth of the height of the book for this. You can draw lines all around the shopping bag and cut the line to remove top portion.
  2. You can create the angle by measuring along the top edge of the bag and so the same on the back of the bags.
  3. You can simply join the both angle lines by connecting them across all sides of the bag. Once you are done simply cut it down along the line.

Procedure to cover it:

  1. You can simply measure around the box and for height multiply with two and do the half of width of the bottom. With your measurement draw a rectangle on paper and cut it out.
  2. Once done, spray your gift bag or box with adhesive spray or glue and place the wrapping paper or gift paper that you have been cut out as a rectangle.
  3. You can place the book holder’s front on your half mark on the paper and wrap them towards the back of your holder. You can use glue to keep overlaps in one place.
  4. Simply fold the excess paper at the bottom like gift packaging and tape or glue in one place.
Voila!! You are done. You can let your child place their favourite books inside the new book holder. One can use shopping or brown Kraft paper carrier bags to make some awesome looking book holders. These crafts are so easy to make with your kids and help them to imagine more and become creative. You can opt for wholesale paper bags if you need some these bags for other craft works in less pricing.

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