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Tissue papers are versatile. Whether it is decorating the dinner table, wiping the untidy hands, tissue paper for packing, or enhancing our craft work, tissues have always helped us. They are the basic craft essentials which are natural, light and now available in an array of colors. You can use them for a myriad of purposes in your day to day lives and crafty days. Let’s discuss the amazing applications and ideas of a few different hued tissues which can work wonders for your life: 

  1. Blue Tissue Paper: Blue is the color of peace and happiness. Using a blue tissue as a scenery background, water body, sky painting, or as a wall art can be a great idea to spread soothing vibe. If you want to liven up your bedroom, a blue tissue is amazing for making the background of your bed. It will distress your mind and calm your body. 
  1. Red/Orange Tissue: These bright colors are kids’ favorite. Also, red or orange and even yellow tissues are great hues to decorate the gift packs. You may use them in combination to make crafts and flowers for your kids or buy them for your kids to let them show their innovation. 
  1. Multicolored Tissue: Multihued tissues that come in a rainbow of colors can be great for making tassel garlands, colorful flowers, paintings, pom poms and much more. You can also cut them into confetti to decorate your dinner table or dance floor! 
  1. Green Tissue Sheet: Green is the tint of nature. When you use red, orange and yellow for flowers, use green for leaves and grass. One of the most creative and integrated uses of green tissue paper is to use them as a background around your plants in your lobby or drawing room if you live in flat and don’t have a garden. This will give your room a greener and an indoor lovely lawn look. 
  1. White Plain Tissue: White tissues are the classiest choice. Whether it is a wedding gift, a dinner party, an oily face –all call for a white tissue! Yes, white tissue packing is the most decent wrap for the wedding gift. White plain tissues are globally used for cleaning hands. Women also use white tissue wipes to clean their faces and get rid of excess oil, grease and shine! 

Innovate you own ways to use colored tissue papers, and let us know your ideas!

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