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A small thing like a tissue paper can be beneficial, and you must know that there are several uses of these papers, so one cannot neglect its importance in our daily life. A tissue paper has many uses, and users usually depend on the type of paper being used. Before knowing the purposes served by tissues, you need to get familiar with the types of tissues generally available.

Let us consider the types of tissues available and their particular uses in our life:

A hygienic tissue paper

A pink tissue paper is the most commonly used paper. It is also known as a paper handkerchief. These tissues are multi purpose tissues as they can be used as a bathroom tissues, household towels and napkins as well. See, how a paper helps us in maintain proper hygiene and these papers are in use for many years or even centuries. A hygienic paper is a use to maintain good hygiene, and there is nothing that can be mistrust concerning the level of hygiene, these papers provide us.

A facial tissue

A facial tissue, again a popular type of tissue is a porous, soft and a throwaway paper. These types of papers are used to clean face and nothing else. As these tissues are only used on face, they are made with proper care. They generally come in a packed box and are designed and created conveniently and suitably. These papers can also be used for the nasal expulsion from the nose.

The paper towels

Paper tissues have the second largest use as far as the tissues are concerned. These types of tissues are made of 100% pulp of chemical. However, some tissues are made from recycled fibre. They are not used together, but sometimes they can be used together as well. The fibre chemical pulp helps in enhancing the strength of tissue paper, making it a quality product.

Tissue wrapping papers

Tissue wrapping paper is a fragile, translucent paper that is commonly used to wrap the gifts and offerings when given in a bag. These papers are available is several colours. Therefore, when you are presenting your love one a gift with is very expensive and precious and need proper covering, try to buy colourful tissue papers, so that it can give, grace you your gift. It will really make your gift look more interesting.  For instance, if your gift bag is Spiderman themed bag, you must use blue and red paper to make the gift bag look impressive.

You can easily buy tissue paper and luxury wrapping paper online, which is the considered the best mode of purchasing nowadays.

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