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Paper bags are the best replacement of plastic bags when it comes to keeping the environment clean. Unlike plastic bags, paper bags are biodegradable in nature and can be easily reused in different ways. If you have large stocks of paper bags lying in the warehouse of your home, then you need to take them out and start creating something very innovative out of them. Here are some of the clever ways to use and reuse paper bags. You will be amazed to see how you can turn these ordinary items into something very magical and interesting.

Do You Know the Clever Uses and Reuses of Paper Bags?

If your storeroom is filled with old paper bags that are no longer in use, then you need to take them out and start creating really innovative craft items. Here are some tricky ways to use of reusing paper bags.


Smooth Paint Finish

It might sound totally insane how paper bags can be used to paint but is actually true. You can use small brown paper bags for this trick. Continue wrapping these bags around a sponge to use it as a sanding material for furniture. It works very gently and you can easily replace the paper once it gets fuzzy.

Paper Bags to Make Gift Tags

Take out all the printed paper bags for creating gift tags. Cut out all the lovely quotations written on these bags or some beautiful prints and assemble them into gift tags.

Use these Bags as Totes

If you have brown paper bags with handles, then these bags can be used over and over again as totes. To make them look even prettier, you can add some colours or decorative items.  To make a beautiful tote, all you have to do is shred some green plastic carrier bags or any other colour you like the most and then make pompoms from these shredding. Then you can stick these tiny pompoms on your brown paper bag to give it an edge.

Keeping the Breakable Items Safe

If you think that the paper bags lying in your storeroom cannot be used anymore, then you can shred them into smaller strips and further use them for keeping the breakable items safe. Stuff all the fragile crockery items inside these paper strips that will keep them safe from breakage.

Paper Bags for Compost Material

Brown paper bags can be used as compost material in your compost bin. If your compost is running low on browns, then you can add the discarded brown paper bags to balance the browns of your compost to the greens.

Ripening the Fruits

One of the basic tricks of the kitchen, brown paper bags work great for ripening fruits such as bananas, avocados, peaches, or tomatoes. Just store these fruits inside the brown paper bags and you will see that these will ripen in just a few days.

So, these were some of the clever uses and reuses of paper bags. The idea is to use these bags as much as possible and hence keep the environment clean and green.

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