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Many homemakers get bored of their home decor in a few months, and they have a habit of updating their home at constant intervals. Whether it may just be a shift of furniture’s or interchange in their place or position, but they like changes in their home. So for all those people who love to update their home, this is definitely going to help you a bit to bring some newness to your home.

Use complementary colours

All your walls don’t need to look white. Your room is not designed to give an advertisement for a washing powder. You can play with colours in your room. You can have separate colour codes for your room. One of your walls can definitely look a bit luxurious and rich in comparison to the other three walls. You can use that particular wall for displaying your art items.

Think of a base design

If you are in your living room, definitely you would not lie to see a pink coloured curtain, a brown tinted sofa cover and a green coloured tablecloth right? These colours just don’t have any sync between them. So to have a perfect colour combination and match you got to have a base theme. You can hold onto your curtains and but all the other essentials of your living room revolving around the colour code and design of your sofa cover. You just need to hold on one particular thing and keep other things coordinated around your base item.

A new personalized look to your walls

You can make your walls look a bit lively by personalising your walls. You can take some old colourful small gift bags wholesale, cut it along the edges and stick it end to end to form a backdrop for your picture collection. After making your backdrop, you can stick your best family moments and picture collection on the backdrop and attach it to one of the walls of your room to make your walls have a lively effect.

Templates on your gallery walls

If you want to play and try something new on your walls, then you can collect some large gift bags wholesale, cut out square pieces out of it and paste it on your walls with some gap. Now the next thing that you need to do is to use your artwork or stick some art pieces and designs on those templates that you have just created. This is another way of trying something new to your walls.

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