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On gift boxes, the decorative ribbon has the potential to make the even traditional brown paper look attractive. You can efficiently decorate a gift with handy yet straightforward gift boxes wholesale and tie ribbon on it. You can add a professional, unique look which adds personal appeal. Simply twist, layer or tie any kind of decoration, from flat or fluffy to paper or tulle to give an elegant flair to a plain box. You just need a ribbon, scissors, and tape or stapler for some creative ideas. 

Wrapping Diagonal Ribbon

You can use it on the diagonal to merely design cardboard gift boxes that look special enough to level up your gift. Just lay it across the bottom left of the box diagonally. Hold it and lift the box to draw the ends of the ribbon to the corresponding corners on the top side on the right. On the ribbon, the two terms are seen on the top right of the box. Tie the ends in a bow on the top right corner. Slide the bow until it reaches the desired position. 

Flat Bow Technique

The technique of flatbow can create a classic and neat look. Cut a ribbon length in any desired width. Take an end and make a small circle. Tight pinch it in the middle and flatten the loop. Fold the rest of the length of ribbon back and ahead to form flat and larger layers. Make three more layers and hold each layer tightly in a place until it forms all of them. Staple the layers in the centre together. Tie the stack in the centre using an extra piece of ribbon. Fix the middle of the decoration tied to the package or card with glue. 

Add a Rose

Add a ribbon rose to the package to add unique appeal. Lay a ribbon length on the table vertically.  Fold the bottom tail in the right angle which is perpendicular at the top part of ribbon and create L shape. Fold the top part over the corner of L tightly. Hold the edge with a left hand on the place. Flip another half from right to left with the right side. Hold the edge still, take it out and flip it from bottom to top and take it and flip it from left to right. Repeat this step from top to bottom and from right to left until you fold it all. Hold on the ends and let the rest to stretch out in twist. Pick one to pull the other.

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