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A bespoke bag is a nice gift for wedding guests and if you haven’t decided the welcome gift for your guests then think of buying bespoke carriers that your guests can use during their stay and also at their homes. There are manufacturers that can make gift bags in any design, color and style and with any customization.

What Is a Bespoke Carrier?

It is a bag designed to fulfill a specific objective like highlight business name and contact details. Retail shops sell products in customized carriers that have names of shops and other details. But when an individual think of customization, he has a different objective in mind. You need a welcome gift for your guests and a carrier can become the best thing to offer the guests on their arrival.

How Can You Customize Your Carrier?

  1. Print wedding details on the cheap gift bags UK and present the carriers to guests when they arrive at your home. The guests can use the carriers for keeping their essentials and also they can go through the wedding program printed on the carriers.
  1. Print information regarding the places to visit close to the wedding venue and also give details of interesting things to do nearby venue. The guests would want to go for sightseeing and outdoor enjoyment when they are free. They can look at their handbags for sightseeing information. It will be a big help for the guests.
  1. Make gift bags of different sizes, designs and colors and ask your guests to choose the carriers. It is the best way to welcome guests. Instead of offering bags, you can ask them to choose the carriers they like most. But there should be a good range of bags available from small to extra-large. And also you need keeping more carriers for those guests that want more.
  1. Buy fashion perfect ladies handbags for female guests and also buy carriers for males. Similarly you can keep small paper carriers for your little guests. All these bags can be customized with wedding details. You will have a carrier for every guest.


Idea behind using cheap gift bags UK as welcome gifts for wedding guests is to provide guests a thing that is useful and that they can use for long time. Everyone needs bags and everyone uses carriers. With bags, the guests would take fond memories of your wedding. 

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