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Parents are the most beautiful gift every child gets. Not all are lucky to get a beautiful set of parents. They bear so much pain and go through many hardships to bring you up in a proper way. It’s now your turn to make them feel that they are special for you. If you are lucky enough to get loving and caring parents, then grab this opportunity to show them gratefulness and how you love them and care for them. Make them feel that they are essential for you. This Christmas make handmade gifts for your parents and also family members.

Get some wholesale tissue paper to make the ornaments on your tree or create garlands with them. Make wreaths for everyone. Different colored tissues are available. You must have got wrapping papers on different occasions while you got presents or gifts. Recycle the gift wraps to create something crafty. For royal touches or giving a classy touch, use the luxury wrapping paper. For some creative, crafty handmade gifts, you will be requiring the following:

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string


  • The leftover gift wraps are cut into strips of equal widths.
  • The strips are cut into three different lengths- you’ll need four long strips, four medium strips, and two short strips per ornament.
  • A small piece of double-stick tape is applied at the top and bottom of the back of one long strip.
  • If there is any excess where the paper doesn’t line up, trim them off.
  • The same procedure is repeated until you have two long, two medium and one short strip.
  • The strips are then stacked in the following order- long, medium, short.
  • The line up of the strips should be even.
  • A piece of string or ribbon is cut off and tucks them in between short and medium strips to match up the ends of other strips.
  • The other ends are stapled

Further, you can make beautiful greeting cards using origami. You can also paint something beautiful, frame it and then present it as a portrait. Bake a cake for them. Even if the cake doesn’t become as tasty as your mother’s, but still they will love as it will make them feel your attempt to make them feel happy. Give a ‘Thank You’ card along with your Christmas greetings and card.

Using recyclable items and paper scraps to make DIY crafts which make the best gifts for Christmas or any other occasion, you are not only winning your parents’ hearts but also maintaining an eco-friendly society. Your parents will be proud that their child is a responsible citizen and keep the environment clean and pollution free. Besides, handmade gifts create a more prominent impression on your parents’ hearts instead of those branded presents from the market. These handmade craft work will always remain in their hearts.

Parents are our first teacher, our true well-wisher, and as we grow they become our best friends. They are the most loyal and well-wishing friend one ever has. Whether it be in any part of the world, parents are special. They were by our side when no one was there; they are the ones who made us what we are today. So respect them, love them, care for them, and make them feel their importance in your lives. Sometimes materialistic touch is required to lubricate your relationships with your near and dear ones.

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