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Jewelry designers produce great designs but the designing becomes complete only after packing. It is only packing that drag eyeballs by highlighting the designs. Jewelry gift boxes are as beautiful as the jewelry designs. The boxes are also designed to reflect the ornaments so that the buyers could get a feel of the ornaments.

Fashion ornaments are often expensive and packing the ornaments in metal packs could increase the cost of the jewelry pieces. The jewelers have to keep the cost of fashion items reasonable and the only way to keep the cost of ornaments reasonable is to use packing that is both beautiful and affordable. Corrugated small boxes are great for packing ornaments. These boxes can be given colors matching the colors of jewelry pieces. 

  1. Box packing increases the size of ornaments: A bracelet is a small piece of fashion ornament that could go unnoticed if displayed solo. But the same thing becomes attractive when it comes packed in a beautiful box. The packing could have the bracelet picture to attract viewers. Also, viewers could be provided more information about the bracelet on its packing. 
  1. Cardboard packing makes the ornaments accessible: Buyers want to see the jewelry pieces from close but they aren’t allowed to touch the pieces without permission. Window shoppers peep into the display windows and make their opinion on the ornaments displayed. A pendant kept in a box gets a background that improves its accessibility. Packing would improve the look by giving it a surrounding. 
  1. Corrugated paperboard is easy to print: It is easy to print pictures and information on cardboard. Jewelry designers can print their designs, logos, brand names and everything that can in anyway help sell their products on the cardboard boxes. 
  1. Box packing can be made exclusive: When you buy a pair of earring, you get the ornaments in a box that you can wrap in colored tissue paper and also improve it with a ribbon. In this way, you can make the gift pack look exclusive. The corrugated paper accepts glue and also you can easily write on tissue paper. You will enjoy decorating the jewelry box the way you like most. 
  1. Cardboard packing is great for expensive metal: Gold and silver are sensitive towards moisture. It is for this reason they are kept in paper packing as paper can absorb moisture. Buyers and users can keep the pack to keep the ornaments safe. When you want to wear jewelry, you can take it out from the box and keep it safe in the box when you don’t.                                                                                                  
  2.  Cardboard packing can keep the cost of jewelry affordable: Gift box is just perfect for packing jewelry as it provides safety and beauty at an affordable price. Jewelry designers want to provide ornaments at an affordable price but they can’t reduce the product cost. What they can do is to save money on packing. Most jewelers use black gift boxes for selling their items. Black color matches with gold and silver and also with diamonds.

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