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Valentine's day is a great day to spend and be around with someone who is special, and just being around is not what you do on this special day because somewhere it is said that 'When you love, you gift'. 

Tissue paper bouquet for Valentine's

Don’t you think getting a beautiful and colourful giant Tissue Paper bouquet as a gift is something that your loved one has always dreamt of? Get out of those cliche gifts available in the market and try to make something creative and innovative by your own out of Coloured Tissue Papers.

Let's help you out to prepare a creative and easy bouquet using the same paper.

Required Materials:

Before you start making the bouquet, you should have following things around you.

  • Different coloured 12,13 sheets of Coloured Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Some flexible wires or pipes (Approximately 13inches)
  • Some love filled feeling!

Step 1:

Get your Tissue Papers together; prepare them by unfolding and putting different colours down on a flat surface on top of each other.

Step 2:

From the bottom of the paper in portrait angle, start folding in over one inch. By flipping it over you have to it back on the other side of the sheet and make it look like a Chinese fan.

Step 3:

Softly and gently unfold the Chinese fan type structure and create a fluff out of it (so as to prepare it like a flower).

Step 4:

Wrap the pipes with green coloured paper using glue to give the stem like look to the pipes and carefully stick them with the fluffy paper-made flower.

Step 5:

Prepare enough flowers through the same process and arrange them together beautifully and out of your own creativity to make a complete bouquet. Wrap the bottom with a gift wrapping paper or put all the flowers together in a decorative vase.

 These are the easy steps to show your infinite love for someone. You can even use glitters and add more colourful and textured papers and jewels to make it more attractive and amazing. Also, you can add some chocolates and photographs to make it more special.

This is it! Feel the love and creativity together this Valentine’s Day and start preparing one before you're late.


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