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Today buyers get their shopping packed in small brown paper bags with handles. Printed with brand names and logos, these bags look very beautiful. Also, they are quite convenient to hold and carry. But people need education on uses of these carriers so that they can take full advantage of these bags.

1.Shopping& Carrying

These are shopping bags hence just perfect for shopping. People can take these carriers when buying daily use items. These bags are also good for carrying library books, laundry and other necessities. These carriers can also be used for carrying office files, medicines, fashion accessories and other essentials.

2.Promotion& Presentation

Small brown paper bags UK are good for business promotions and branding. Retailers can print the carriers with their brand names and logos for marketing. Buyers can again change the design and print of the carriers for presentation like give gifts. Just like retailers use these bags for branding, people can also the carriers for packing gifts and improving the gift packs with personal messages, smileys and pictures.


Paper is just perfect for packing anything and everything. Whether it is a sensitive dress or food item, it can be packed in a paper carrier. Woolen garments, silk dresses, fruits, spices, green vegetables and milk based products including cheese can be kept in a paper carrier. These carriers are great for arranging wardrobe and managing refrigerator.


Small brown paper bags with handles can easily be converted into colorful and attractive fashion handbags. One shouldn’t take much time in customizing a paper bag with colors and pictures. Material needed for customization can be bought from market. Fashion conscious people would certainly like the idea of making their fashion handbags with paper bags.

5.Keeping personal belongings

Children can use the bags for keeping their belongings like toys, stationary, notebooks and other things. Similarly, the elders can take advantage of paper carriers for keeping their belongings. In short, everyone in the family can use the paper carriers for their personal things.

6.Source of brown paper

Small paper bags UK can provide quality brown paper in a hassle free manner. Users only need opening the bags to get paper that they can use for wrapping. Kids can also get paper for making scrap books and kites. One more thing users can make with paper is table mats. Users can also make envelopes with brown paper.

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