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 "Every form is a base for colour; every colour is the attribute of a form." -  Victor Vasarely

Colours speak faster than words. And there's no doubt in it as your appearance is the first impression as a colour describe your personality. That's the combination of colours when one thinks of fashion.

brown paper bags with handles

Colours are part of our daily horoscope as it is a part of a fantasy world as well. It has the potentiality to attract attention and affect visual merchandising. In other words, it is a spiritual thought process that the right choice of colours can bring happiness, prosperity and wealth. Be it some one's personal life or business growth, the psychology of colours give an edge to an impressive feat. And if someone is that smart by using the right combination of colours to define his or her personality there's no need of an introductory speech.

Its value in retail business

On the other hand, a perfect combination of colours can even be a part of effective brand awareness for a retail business. The magic of combination of colours in defining a logo of a retail business is as effective as choice of coloured brown paper bags with handles. In UK the use of these bags by retailers as give away shopping bags or favour bags to customers for their ease of shopping has enhanced business to customer’s relationship. These bags are not only eco-friendly and user friendly but also create a niche talking point of branding.

It has a natural endeavour

Brown paper bags are made of 140 gsm kraft paper and come in three different sizes along with twisted handles or rope handles. These bags are also extensively used as biodegradable, recyclable and reusable carrier bags.  

The "natural black on brown carrier bags with rope handles" is an example of typical paper bags used by most retailers in the business of organic products, boutiques and shoes. Whereas the "natural brown on brown carrier bags with twisted handle" is an ideal pick for retailers in the business of perfumeries, beauty and personal care products or pharmaceutical. On the other hand there is the "natural brown SOS paper bag flat or tape handle" that is widely used by food chains across UK. These bags can be custom printed further with logo for brand awareness, colours for defining the nature of business and designs for effective advertisement when there's a product launch or an upcoming event.

These bags have natural brown texture, having a rustic appearance. Hence combination of colours like black, solid black brown, solid dark blue, solid dark green and dark purple on its texture can be effective for retailers in the business of organic products, boutiques, shoes, perfumeries, beauty and personal care products or pharmaceutical. If the logo is either of these colours, the retailer has nailed it then at the right place to come in the eyes of prospective customers.

The blend of colours

These bags are bleached to form a wide range of coloured brown paper bags. These bags can be enhanced with stunning bespoke designs to attract customers at a retail store.

The competition in the UK retail market is unmatchable to any other retail market across the globe. Especially when it comes to apparels, shoes, cosmetics and accessories, retailers in their respective field tries various modes for communicating with prospective customers.

Effective marketing becomes priority where cost is the concern as well. Most small to mid scale retailers in UK fail to promote their brand through print or electronic medium. Bespoke branding on these coloured paper bags remain the only doorway for an effective communication. In addition, its user-friendly and eco-friendly features allow them to be reused as carrier bags for day to day use.  Thus these bags have the ability to sustain a longer period and travel from hand to hand and place to place.

The challenge is almost every retailer in UK is using this mode to communicate the mass in no time and affordable price. The perfect blend of colours by a retailer in these bags can create a huge difference here. It is where a smart marketing strategy should be applied where advertising on these bags should follow an effective contrast between cold bright colours and cold dark colours or neutral colours and warm dark colours.

The correlation of colours is the key to their impact. It drives direct attention, enhances readability and creates suspense. In addition, there are dimensions in brand personality - sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness - that outshines through combination of colours. On the other hand, colours can be differentiated between their subconscious effect and meanings in business. A retailer must be well a     ware of these before choosing the colour of brown paper bags with handles.

The "dark blue solid on brown carrier bags with rope handle or twisted handle" could be a perfect pick for retailers when it comes to gaining loyalty, trust and integrity.  The "dark green solid on brown carrier bags with twisted handle or rope handle" makes communication easier for retailers in the business of organic products or pharmaceutical. Likewise the "dark red solid on brown carrier bags with rope handle or twisted handle" is mostly favoured by retailers in the business of sports equipments.

These bags are available in wide range of striking colours and each has its significance for a retailer. Although there are no clear-cut guidelines for choosing your brand’s colours. “It depends” is a frustrating answer, but it’s the truth. However, the context you’re working within is an essential consideration. It’s the feeling, mood, and image that your brand or product creates that matters.


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