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Corrugated boxes are great for packing many things from heavy machines and tools to expensive jewelry pieces and from food items to other household goods. The rigid design and convenience of packing make the boxes super-easy to use. Today every industry is benefitted by cardboard packing, but it is the gift industry that consumes largest number of gift boxes with lids.

Let’s discuss how cardboard boxes are helping the gift industry


It is the biggest concern of sellers as well as buyers. The gift could be anything from a pen to a cutlery set. Also, more items can be included in gifts if they are provided at affordable price. A large number of customers want to buy things that are easy to buy and pretty to give. The gift items have to be neatly packed for sale. They should look attractive. Packing items in plastic or metal boxes increase their price. But there is no such concern with corrugated boxes. Gift makers can keep a tab over their items with the help of cardboard packing. 


It is the second most important concern of gift makers. Gifts need careful handling as scratching and bruising of items when packing, transportation and storage of the items could render them useless. Plastic and metal packing isn’t safe for fragile items as plastic and metal can’t work as a cushion in case of shocks and jerks when moving gift packs. But there is no such hassle with a cardboard box that works like a protective layer for fragile items. 


The plastic box could either get fade over time or lose its shape due in extreme weather conditions. Metal can also react to airborne dust and moisture. But a corrugated box is always new as it remains unaffected by temperature changes, moisture and dust that can affect plastic and metal. 

Food safety 

There is no harm in packing food items like dry fruits, cakes, muffins, chocolates, cookies and toffees in boxes. Also the food items can be kept in cardboard boxes for any length of time. It can be said that cardboard packing increases shelf life of fastest moving consumer goods. 


Some gifts like small idols, toys and decorative pieces are sold lose but it doesn’t mean that they won’t be packed. Buyers want retailers to pack those items and they want the packing cost to be included in the cost of gifts. Retailers can provide free packing service, if they use corrugated boxes instead of any other packing material. Also the retailers need not wrestling with the boxes to pack gifts. They can simply place the gifts inside the boxes and close the packing with tapes and ribbons. 

Availability in different sizes 

Corrugated gift boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and also they can be ordered in specific color or pattern. Retailers can buy white gift boxes or boxes of any shape and size at an affordable price. Availability of cardboard packing is really a great help for the gift industry.

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