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Paper Bags

Unaware of the uses of paper carrier bags? People often throw these bags into dustbin. However, unlike plastic bags, these carriers don’t spoil the environment. They are recyclable hence can be made to use again. But there is little need to throw these small brown paper bags with handles into dustbin unless they show signs of exhaustion like cracks and breaches.

Here’s How to Use Paper Carrier Bags at Home

1#You have surprise guests at home but you don’t have grocery to prepare dinner for guests. You can’t order kitchen products online because online delivery takes time. You have to go out to a nearby store to buy essentials and you need a bag to bring grocery. You take the paper carrier you got from the supermarket and rush out to buy grocery.

2# You see clutter strewn over the floor. You want to clean the floor but don’t have any idea on where to keep the things spread on the floor. Suddenly you see a paper carrier. You take the bag and start picking up the things on floor. Soon the floor is clean. You get paper carriers from the supermarkets that buy paper bags wholesale for their customers like you.

3# You have clothes for laundry but don’t have a carrier to take those clothes for dry cleaning. If you have paper carriers at home, you can use one of the bags to take your clothes for laundry. Also, there is little need to bring that bag back from the laundry. You can ask the laundry owner to keep your bag.

4# Brown paper carrier bags with twisted handles are great for packing gifts. They are true gift bags, just perfect for packing any gift like a small toy, education game, books and even designer garments. If you have these bags at home, you don't need to worry about gift packing. And you can easily get these carriers from supermarkets.

5# These carriers could be a source of brown paper that is good for making book covers, scrap-books, kites and table mats; for draining fried items and for lining shelves and drawers.


It is good to have paper bags with handles at home as you can do many things with those carriers. They are good for many things including arranging your home, keeping your personal belongings and packing gifts. You don’t have to throw these bags into a dustbin as they would go to recycling on their own. You can send green waste in paper carriers to recycling.

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