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A cheap looking tissue paper can be of many uses in addition to wrapping gifts. There are many things you can do with a piece of paper. For instance, think of your garments that you simply put in your wardrobe and forget. When you search for a specific dress, you find it pressed under other dresses. A blue tissue paper can be used as a wrap for that expensive dress that you have bought at a high price. 

Other uses of tissue paper 

  1. Garment packing 

Clothes are quite sensitive towards everything from water and the sunshine. Airborne dust can easily set over clothing and fade their color, if the dust isn’t removed over time. You have different dresses for different occasions, but you keep all the dresses at one place. If you have tissue paper, you can wrap each piece of garment in a paper and in this way take care of your dresses. 

  1. Safety of documents 

Sensitive documents could get brittle on coming into contact with air and water. Wrapped in tissue papers, the documents can remain safe for a long time in your drawer. And if you want, you can even write details of documents over the paper packing. Writing document descriptions over packing will help in locating documents in a hassle free manner. 

  1. Preserve your photos 

How do you take care of your pictures? Photos are also developed in papers and like other papers; photos also need care and protection. While albums can keep pictures safe, you should be extra careful with your pictures. The best way to preserve the images is to wrap the photos in tissue papers. Nothing can preserve the photos better than tissue wraps. 

  1. Pack fruits and vegetables 

Instead of keeping juicy fruits and green veggies in the refrigerator, you should wrap the food items in tissue wrap and then keep the food items in the fridge. Wrapping food items in tissue wrap will preserve nutritional value and freshness of the food items. Also, the tissue wrap will increase the shelf life of the food items. 

  1. Decorative purpose 

Beautiful tissue wraps are simply great for decorating the home interior. For instance, you can line drawers, tables, trays, and bookshelves. Also, you can create amazing wall arts with the help of colorful tissue wraps. You can even give a specific wall a definite theme with the packing wrap. It is easy to improve home décor with the help of tissue wraps as it can easily be glued and pasted over any surface including wood, metal, and concrete. 

Take care while buying tissue paper 

If you think that all types of wrapping papers are alike, then you are wrong. The papers can be divided into acidic and non-acidic. Acidic papers release toxic substance over time. As paper ages, it becomes brittle and breaks down. The acidic paper isn’t good for packing purpose as the acid releasing from the paper could affect everything that comes in its contact. On the other hand, acid-free green tissue paper is 100% safe for packing, wrapping every purpose.

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