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Living in London with my husband and daughter with both of us working and equally carrier oriented often makes us guilty of spending less time with our daughter. But God has been really kind to us, apart from our well paying jobs I am also thankful for the wonderful housekeeper and nanny I am privileged to have. Everyday strict routines, late night socialising and back to back meetings leave me wondering if I am bringing up my daughter, Keya well.  To my surprise Keya is one the best performing students in her class.

How My Daughter’s Nanny Brought Fairytale to Life Using Tissue Paper

It is just recently that I have developed gratitude towards Keya’s nanny. Her is name Jeanie, which is very similar to her nature.

One day Keya called me at work and told me about her assignment, where all kids had to make a 3D model of a character from their imagination. She needed my help and I had a presentation lined up where my entire team’s whole year performance was at risk. A part of me really wanted to rush home and help her with the assignment. These are the times when she needs me the most but the time was crucial for my team, who have worked hard for the project and at that hour needed my support.

In the meanwhile I received a call from my Jeanie, who assured me that she will help Keya. Those words that time were music to my ears. Jeanie asked me to help her in ordering tissue papers online, as she cannot leave keya at home alone to go shopping for articles to make the 3D model.

I ordered tissue paper wholesale online, which were delivered at home in an hour’s time. That day was big in my professional life, I was promoted as general manager and the day was longer than a regular day.  However, the whole time in office I was feeling home sick and felt terrible to miss my child’s first assignment. Once the presentation was over, I excused myself somehow and left for home.

I rushed home and saw Keya and Jeanie working together to make a tissue paper doll. They looked happy and seemed to be enjoying making those beautiful crafts, I never believed one could make using cheap tissue paper.

I did not disturb them and I quietly left feeling elated that the nanny could make the doll of my daughter’s imagination. Both of them were quietly spending some happy creative time together, so to help Jeanie I went straight to kitchen and made dinner for all of us.

Soon after I received a call on my cell phone from Keya asking me to come home fast, without wasting a moment I went to her room. There I was, surprised to see a fairytale brought to life. It was not just a doll they made. There was a doll named Cinderella along with her two sisters and a step mother. There was party scene of the story, all made inside a large gift box. The box was decorated with tissue paper pom-poms and garland. Prince held a bouquet made from tissue paper flowers.

More than anything I was surprised to know that my little angel’s imagination was not just a doll but the Cinderella story from fairytales. That day I realised how blessed I am to have so many privileges like an amazing nanny, intelligent daughter and not to forget the online availability of craft papers especially tissue paper. 

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