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Tissue paper is also known as packing paper or gift wrap as it is mostly used for packing gifts. But it can also be used for interior decoration. Just like it improves the visual appearance of gift packages, it can highlight prominent walls, windows and furniture pieces. Also, you don’t buying the paper as you can get plenty of sheets with festive gifts.

Are you ready to change the interior decor of your home with tissue sheets?

Add more colours to the interior: Use colourful papers instead of real colour to give a splash of colours to the prominent wall facing the entrance of your home. Instead of painting the wall, you can create a beautiful paper design on the wall. The advantage of this design is that it is temporary. You can easily remove it as and when required.

Make your furniture look new: It isn’t possible to change furniture frequently as it needs a substantial investment. What you can do is change its visual look with the help of tissue paper uk. You only need lining the sheets in shelves and drawers. It is simple, and you can do it without any helping hand. On the contrary, you will enjoy matching tissue sheets with your interior and cutting and pasting sheets on open shelves and drawers.

Create a background: Instead of hanging your family photos on walls, you should create a matching background for the pictures. Wrapping paper received for Christmas, and other gifts could be a big help in creating backdrops. Photos hanged with a matching backdrop would look more attractive and appealing. Similarly, you can create a beautiful backdrop for every decorative piece.

Make new placements: Instead of throwing the leftover tissue sheets from gifts, you should think about how you can use the sheets for making arrangements for different occasions. When you have surprise guests at home, and you simply want to serve a meal attractively, you can make a quick installation with the leftover tissue sheets.

Hide ugly marks: Wall paint loses its shine over time, and also you kids could scratch the pain with their pencils. Ugly marks on wall could spoil the interior decor but there is a cost effective and creative way to hide these ugly marks. Paste beautiful gift wrap on ugly marks and make your home beautiful again.

Highlight important features: Tissue sheets can help in underlining crucial design elements of your home decor. You can line window frames or make the window glasses colorful with the help of gift wrap.

Book covers: Coffee table books are quite common in living rooms. Also some people keep books in living area. If you have books decorating your living room, you can make the books look more attractive with colorful gift wraps.

Take one precaution with tissue sheets. You should use acid free tissue paper wholesale instead of any paper. If you aren’t certain that the gift wraps aren’t acid free then you should buy acid free papers for home decoration and for other uses.

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