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Reusable grocery bags are the best way to protect your environment and reduce waste. But they can also spread infections if they are not cleaned properly. Most of the plain cotton bags are just thrown in the washing machine. But there are some made of synthetic clothes usually need hand wash. 

If you don’t know whether it is machine-washable, merely wash cotton tote bags by hand.  


See the Tag - Insulated, nylon, and polyester packs look more like plastic than cloth. See the tag to find out what the bag is made of and cleaning instructions. Insulated polyester sacks are known for their thick padding and plastic appearance. If you are confused, see the tag. Polypropylene and some other synthetic materials are also machines washed.


Clean up insulated bags using disinfecting wipes after using every time – You may want to use shielded sacks to carry chicken, meat or any food which is the major source of food-borne infection. So, clean the carrier after every use using a disinfecting wipe. When getting into seams, be careful as it may have collected bacteria. Don’t wipe cloth carrier with disinfecting wipes. Do it on insulated polyester.


Hand Wash in Soapy warm water – Add soap to the warm water. Dunk the bag and swish it around and rub it over itself to form fiction. Be sure to turn it inside out and wipe out the inside.  


Rinse soap the bag – Rinse soap off the sack after cleaning it. Run the bag in soapy water and dunk it under cold soap-free water.


Flip the bag from inside to outside and let it dry in air – Flip the sack and let the inside facing out. Hang the carrier somewhere in the dry and warm place. Let it to dry entirely before you pack it up.


Machine Wash


See the tag – Make sure the sack is made of bamboo, cotton, hemp or polypropylene. You can also take black canvas tote bag. These materials are machine washable. See the tag for the cleaning instructions. You may also wash these bags by hand.


Machine wash – You can also wash these bags in the laundry machine using laundry detergent. You may usually wash them on gentle cycle using cold water. Cotton bags can be washed on regular cycle with hot water.


Machine dry the bag – If it is not made of polypropylene, you can dry cotton, hemp, and bamboo bags on the regular setting in the dryer. It causes less moisture threat on the sack once it is dry.

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