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Goldfish is undoubtedly a classic fish and very popular when decorating a room for party that has underwater theme. Rather than using goldfish paper cutouts, you can make your own 3D goldfish using Christmas wrapping paper UK. The colorful paper lanterns are light, colorful and very simple to craft. You can easily order them from coloured tissue paper suppliers. Simply add some fins and eyes with tissue paper wholesale. You can easily get fancy with tissue paper.

Simply get a solid color tissue paper UK lantern and open up – Most of the goldfish are orange. But you can choose any color you like.

Draw a tail fin with a sheet of paper and cut it out with scissors – Make the base of tail so you can attach it to the lantern. Also draw a tail from 1.27 to 2.54 cm longer. Choose a color which matches the lantern color closely.

Make the base of tail – Fold the base of tail from 1.25 to 2.54 cm to make a flap. Cut a slit on the middle of flap to the folded edge to craft two flaps. Leave one of the flaps and fold the other half to the back of fin. Now you will have two flaps and each one should point towards another direction. It will not just allow the tail to flap around but it can also be easier to glue on.

Fix the fin to the lantern – Turn the lantern so one of the holes facing up. Use double-sided tape or glue gun to attach the tail to the side of lantern.

Draw fin shapes on two sides and cut them – Stack two sheets of paper to make fin equally, one on top of other and draw the fin shape and cut it out. There is no need to make base off the fins straight or flat.

Attach the fins to the side of lantern – Find the mid of the lantern and attach the bottom of fin with drop of glue and small double-sided tape. Repeat it for the either side of fish with either fin. Don’t glue the whole fin or it will stick out.

Cut two circles of white paper and two of black paper to make eyes- Be sure to cut small black circles with cardstock or printer paper. You could also use large googly eyes which are proportionate to the fish.

Now thread some string over the top of fish to hang it and hang the loop from a hook anywhere you like.

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