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A classroom is a place where many brilliant minds come together to learn something new every day. Designing the classroom brings some positive energy for the students to study. Especially when we talk about kindergarten students, having some pictures and alphabets, flowers made of coloured tissue paper is something that attracts them to enjoy their place of study. Here are is a short guide to help you out to execute your classroom decoration plan on this summer break.

Planning it out

Everything starts with planning, and, so is the decoration of the classroom. You first need to plan out for which sector and which age group of children you are decorating the classroom with. A well-decorated classroom with alphabets and numbers designed with cheap tissue paper can be very attractive for kindergarten children but cannot interest a high school child. So plan it well according to the age group of the children.

Rough Draft

After you complete the planning process, it is the time for you to create a rough design or layout on a paper as to how your classroom will look like after the decoration part. In this step, you also need to plan out the furniture’s colour code, wall colour etc. for the classroom and a lot more that is required for the classroom decoration. You can hire a local artist to help you out with the designing work, and you can also take ideas from your students as well. You can even hold a small competition for your students to draw a picture of how your classroom should like and try to collect their ideas.

Discuss with the management

After designing the rough layout, the next part is to discuss it with the management. You cannot do things on your own; there may be specific rules and regulations that need to be followed, so you got to discuss it with your top officials to get your layout a seal to start with the decoration part. When you are putting up your classroom decorating plan in front of your management staff, make sure that you take approval for every part of the classroom that you will be using for your decoration. This is mandatory because many times there are certain areas that are used for other purposes and if by chance if you happen to use that part then it may lead you to problems at a later stage. And as it’s better to be safe than sorry, it’s better to seek permission prior making any move.

Get started

So once you get approval for your classroom decoration, then you can get on your toes and start working for the classroom redesigning.

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