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Brown paper bags may not look like the product you want to have. But the interesting part is about the visual texture you will get on floor, wall or table top while creating a faux finish. Depending on how the paper bag is being treated, the bags become faux stone or faux leather. You need to do the art of decorating the surface with shapes or pictures and then coating it with vanish. It will be better if you do not write on the parts of the bags; otherwise, the ink will be seen through.  To turn the paper into a faux wall, you need to follow few steps.

How to Faux Finish the Walls with Brown Paper Bags

  1. Dust the wall with a feather duster to create the faux finish. Firstly you will cut the papers with your hands or tear it with scissors. It will be of different shapes but of same sizes.
  2. Crush the pieces of papers and flatten them in front of you. Do not think that you are creating any extra work for yourself. But you are actually creating a line to make it sure about the line that is visible after the brown paper is glued.
  3. Please make notice while spreading the pieces of paper on the floor. Placing the papers should have connections in the edges so that it can give you a visual picture.
  4. Place some of the glue-like decoupage medium into a plastic container. Divide the wall into 3-foot-square sections mentally or with a pencil. Then apply a liberal amount of decoupage medium onto one quadrant of the wall with a paintbrush.
  5. Start placing the brown paper bags on one section of the wall. Make sure to smooth the papers with your hands.
  6. Give a little time to the glue to set. Then secure the brown paper bag pieces by rolling over them with the rolling pin.
  7. You will finish the other sections of the wall in the same manner: applying the brown kraft paper bags pieces on the wall and making them with your hand and then securing them to the wall with the brayer.
  8. If the pieces are shifting or dropping, make sure to adjust it with additional decoupage medium. Overlapping paper bag pieces may need extra attention. So take a rag and hold it over the pieces and slide it lightly. You will have to do this several times until and unless each piece is settled.
  9. You can make it more noticeable by creating few lines more colourful like walnut colour, sienna or any other vibrant colours. Remember always that less is more, so you should be less conservative with colours on faux walls.
  10. Use smaller pieces of torn bag to cover any gaps between the pieces that are already glued down. Trim any spare bag ends sticking out from the edges of the project using a craft knife or any utility knife. Allow the entire project to dry for at least several hours, or overnight before using the surface.

Finish the Walls

Things you are required to do this DIY

  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Scissors
  • Brayer
  • Glue
  • Rags
  • Decoupage Medium
  • Craft Knife or Utility Knife

Warning:  Always try to wear an old dress and a pair of shoes for this work. Because the glue mixture can destroy your apparels.

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