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Interestingly brown paper bags have taken over the retail market across the globe. Thanks to the ban on plastic bags, an initiative driven to save the environment by the government of many nations.

These bags were first introduced in the mid 19th century. Its bio-friendly nature and usefulness became popular that motivated scientists or engineers to discover machines to produce these bags in mass quantity.

Over the years, continuous research and development led to produce different kinds of paper bags. These bags are one of a kind product in its category that have revolutionised the retail market, especially in developed nations like UK and USA.

Developing and under developed nations are yet to tailor the use of these bags. Small scale retailers, grocery shops and vegetable stores across these nations are still in the practice of using plastic bags. People are unaware of how it's affecting the environment. The question is we reaching out them or making them aware of the reality? If not, here are 7 ways how to get people to like these bags.

Brown Paper Bags

How green is it?

Brown paper bags are said to be the most bio-friendly products that are made of 140 gsm Kraft paper, which is processed from chemical wood pulps. These bags take an average of one month to decompose, where as plastic bags take decades. On the other hand, paper bags take less energy to produce reducing the amount of greenhouse gases. In addition, recycling of paper bags saves landfill space as well.

Its user-friendliness

These bags are reinforced with handles and are light weight, easy to carry and foldable. These bags are used by merchants as give away shopping bags at the retail store to their customers for the ease of shopping. Large brown paper bags can carry as many as 14 grocery items where as standard plastic bags can hold up to 10 items only. Small brown paper bags are handy as well to carry gift items, books and organic products.

Its durability

These bags have a sturdy base bottom and reinforced top that can hold up to 14 kg. In addition, these bags can be reused for multipurpose and for days.

Get it personalised

Although these bags have a rustic texture, it can be custom printed as well. A tailor-made brown paper bag can be as attractive as a fashionable paper shopping bag. In other words, custom printed bags can be used as promotional bags by retailers for brand awareness or product launches. It helps to reach out prospective customers.

Its versatility

These bags are available in three different sizes - small, medium and large and in natural colours. Depending on the sizes, these bags can be reused as shopping bags, favour bags, carrier bags for day to day use, laundry bags or storage bags. One can reuse these bags for DIY crafts like wall hanging, small space gardening and so on.

Its availability online

Since the ban of plastic bags there has been a rise of paper bags manufacturers and ecommerce across the globe. Pico Bags is one of the best online suppliers of paper bags in UK. A retailer can order cheap brown paper shopping bags in bulk and enhance business to business relationship to avail offers for future purchases.

Its popularity

Over the past two decades its popularity has spread across developed nations. Large retail players are now giving away these bags to customers for convenient shopping experience. Whereas small to mid scale retailers in developed nations are also in the practice of giving away bespoke brown paper bags.

Technology is changing day by day and people are getting smarter. It's high time that people from under developed and developing nations should now consider the use of paper bags with complete ban of plastic bags. Be a change and make it a change!

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